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CONVERSATION 0005 :-- This conversation happen just now on twitter. It based on real incident just name place and language may be changed.

Characters : Mr. G & Mr. X & Ms. D

D : ...

X : ...

G : ...

X : alimony is husband's duty, that's different part. Divorce is not possible since mantras cannot be reverted?

G : So u think indian ladies r hadicap and someone has to feed them? divorce can't .. this is completly insane

X : in a society where rape is common & police are unable to stop its occurrences you want women to go out work?

D : Oh my god are u for real??? Plz untag me. Is everyone around u including u born to rape? 
G : How many ladies u have raped so far ?

X : The annual rape rate in India has increased from 1.9 to 2.0 per 100,000 people

X : If I don't rape, does it mean rapes, molestation isn't frequently happening?

G : Every normal men do what is common. Just tell me how many male u know and how many are rapist

D : 2 in 100000 n ur sayin no woman shud go out n work. Crazy conclusion. I am outta this.

X: if the women does not want to take risk. husband must provide for her?

G: What is husband a labor to feed ? dont he fear about rape ? dont he fear abt murder ? accident ? theft ?

G : check how many women in ur society working .. tell them to sit at home and u start paying them ... nonsense

X :...

G : ...

X : ...

G : ...

NOTE : There are SICK people out on twitter beware of them

Gursharn Singh

Wednesday, 5 November 2014



    Suicide is the act of taking one's own life on purpose. Suicidal behavior is any action that could cause a person to die, such as taking a drug overdose or crashing a car on purpose.

There can be many reason behind suicide :

    Suicide and suicidal behaviors usually occur in people with one or more of the following:
  • Bipolar Disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Depression
  • Drug or Alcohal use
  • Post Traumatic stress disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Stressful life issues, such as serious financial or relationship problems
    People who try to take their own life are often trying to get away from a situation that seems impossible to deal with. Many who attempt suicide are seeking relief from:
  • Feeling ashamed, guilty, or like a burden to others
  • Feeling like a victim
  • Feelings of rejection, loss, or loneliness
    Suicidal behaviors may occur when there is a situation or event that the person finds overwhelming, such as:
  • Aging (the elderly have the highest rate of suicide)
  • Death of a loved one
  • Drug or alcohol use
  • Emotional trauma
  • Serious physical illness
  • Unemployment or money problems
    Risk factors for suicide in teenagers include:
  • Access to guns
  • Family member who completed suicide
  • History of hurting themselves on purpose
  • History of being neglected or abused
  • Living in communities where there have been recent outbreaks of suicide in young people
  • Romantic breakup
Most suicide attempts do not result in death. Many of these attempts are done in a way that makes rescue possible. These attempts are often a cry for help.
Some people attempt suicide in a way that is less likely to be fatal, such as poisoning or overdose. Men are more likely to choose violent methods, such as shooting themselves. As a result, suicide attempts by men are more likely to result in death.
Relatives of people who attempt or complete suicide often blame themselves or become very angry. They may see the suicide attempt as selfish. However, people who attempt suicide often mistakenly believe that they are doing their friends and relatives a favor by taking themselves out of the world.


Often, but not always, a person may show certain signs and behaviors before a suicide attempt, such as:
  • Having trouble concentrating or thinking clearly
  • Giving away belongings
  • Talking about going away or the need to "get my affairs in order"
  • Suddenly changing behavior, especially calmness after a period of anxiety
  • Losing interest in activities they used to enjoy
  • Self-destructive behaviors, such as heavily drinking alcohol, using illegal drugs, or cutting their body
  • Pulling away from friends or not wanting to go out
  • Suddenly having trouble in school or work
  • Talking about death or suicide, or even saying that they want to hurt themselves
  • Talking about feeling hopeless or guilty
  • Changing sleep or eating habits
  • Arranging ways to take their own life (such as buying a gun or many pills)

NOTE :: Article is not written by me it is taken from
On this blog it is just for record.

Thursday, 30 October 2014




    It's May 3rd. Almost three months has been passed, nothing noticable happend since lawyer's death, but people were expecting something big but unable to predict what.

    Early morning of 3rd May when king didn't came out of his bedroom, one of his maid went to call him. But he also didn't returned back for long time. What came out was not maid but a bad news that king if found dead in his bad.

    Even a kid could tell, it is poison who killed their king, but how no-one knows. Imediatly doctor was called and he officially declared him dead. He also observe presence of snake bite. Soon the news spread out that king is killed by a snake. Most of citizens believe it is an accident. All secureities were designed to protect from human enemies but the same security fail when enemy is a small creature like snake.

    King's son vikas, who is out of country for his study, came back as soon as possible and took charge as a country's head. Till then king's body was preserved. It was 10th day when king's body was out for final ceremony. When the wodden box was opened vikas found the word RAGA written at inner wall of box.

    Vikas is a young men with vision and hope. Soon he came to know about his father's wrong doing and two previous death. He decided to investigate matter and surface RAGA as soon as possible. The only clue he was having an old men in the cave on top of hill.

    2nd May one day before king was found dead, city was at peace, almost every citizen was busy in his job. In the centre of city a small but well furnished house, belongs to a security person in king's palace, almost everything was normal in the house, except an old men sleeping in evening. A sleeping old men, how that can be abnormal. The old men was on a tour from past many days. He came back today only. As soon as sun goes down the old men came out of house. He tried to meet and wish his neighbours, his movements was just normal, except for a person who notice carefully and for long time, with passing time he was moving toward outer of city with care.

    Soon old men was out of city, now he was walking toward a hut very near to hill. There he meet a young men, who helped him wearing new clothes. After changing old men walk toward the palace. When he reached near the palace, it was late night and dark. He start moving fast along the wall of palace but he was also carefully watching near the wall. Soon he found a water pipe, but rightnow at place of water milk drops were flowing from pipe. The old men sit there and spread his one arm, imidiatly a green snake came out of his rob and entered inside pipe.

    The old men repeated the process two times and two more snake entered inside palace via water pipes. Very few people know king has three bedroom inside palace and only king decide which room he is going to use for night. All three of the pipe were directly linked to king's bedroom's one with each room at the far end of palace. All three snakes travell within waterpipe and finally came-out in king's bedrooms.

    Late night when king entered in one of room, snake was waiting for him. As soon as he reached his bed, he was dead.


Gursharn Singh

Monday, 20 October 2014


    19 Oct 2014, Sunday. Why I am saying today when we have to wait one month  for the special day. Am I wrong or something wrong happen with me !!

    Life for most of people run on defined track. Once I was one of them, follow the routine job, nothing new just followups. This life has its own beauty, and I would like to opt same untill I really understand the beauty of change.

    Last week here in Vizag, India life was disturbed because of Cyclon (HUDHUD), was not having time for anything new because our run was for necessary things like water, food, electricity and mobile signal. Fortunatly for entire week I was out of mobile signal and power. Why FORTUNATLY ? I said because it give me a chance to realize the beauty of change.

    It's Sunday slowly but life coming back on track. Almost free with a cup of tea. Diwali is just 4 days from today. As usual decided to utilize the time and I started preparing a list of family & friends to whom i have to send diwali wishes. The job finished up with a very long list, even the length is beyond my expectation too.

    19 Nov Men's Day is a special day for me & for many like me. At the same time I decided to finish the list for Men's day too. Decided to pick a few names from the existing list, with only one critaria that the peoson who get wishes on Men's Day must understand the meaning and importance of the day.

    I am shocked to know that the sub-list doesn't even touch two digit figure !! WHY ? Why my thoughts are so narrow that I could not wish to anyone ? Why I need to pick just a couple of names from a long list ? Why on Diwali I need to wish everyone and on Men's Day I choose just a couple of them ?

    Diwali is celibration of an incident which happen thausands of year back, even no-one sure when it happen. This festivle arise from victory on Evil. Even it is so old incident that noone really knows what exactly happen. Who was Evil ? Who was God ? The real story under the sand of time we just celebrate what we believe. Still I feel i should wish to almost  everyone and my list cross the length of my expectation.

    On the other hand Men's day which really has significance today, not because I am Men and it is Men's Day but because it inspire people like us to fight for the justice & own right. It has significance because today society, law and govt all are against men. Almost everyone trying to prove us Evil. In those circumstances it is important to celebrate the day with all possible streanth. The day not only unite us for the long battle but also inspire up to continue the fight.

    Still I wanted to wish only those who really understand the meaning of this wish, because I would like to stand with those who really wanted to fight against Injustice and for Mens Right with me. I would not like to carry those who just wanted to walk till there is no Fight. I would like to ignore them and continue my journey along with friends of future.

    Consider this as an advance wishes and whoever think Men's Day is nothing ignore it.

Men's Day

Gursharn Singh

Friday, 26 September 2014


08-10-2014 : JAGRAN, WEB LINK



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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

CONVERSATION 0004 : Boys Misbehave with Ladies

CONVERSATION 0004 :-- This conversation happen just a couple of hours back with a lady on mobile. It based on real incident just name place and language is changed.

Characters : Mr. G & Ms. X

X : ....

G : ...

X : ...

G : ...

X : You know boys, when & wherever they saw a lady they start misbehaving.

G : How many times in your life, upto now you have seen such boys.

X : Not necessarily me. But there are many example.

G : Examples in your friends.

X : Not but almost everywhere.

G : How many boys you have at your home ?

X : What ?

G : How many brother you have ?

X : One.

G : So he misbehave with you.

X : Grrrr... He is my brother.

G : May be with other ladies ?

X : Hmm hmmm .... .. He he is very decent person.

G : Just because he is your brother ?

X : I have seen him from past 20 years, he is much better GENTELMAN then you.

G : What about your FATHER ?

X : ..... ....

G : Ok. he is also gentelman. What about your neighbours SON.

X : Never heard anything about him.

G : I am surprised where all those BAD BOYS hiding right now.

X : See we don't know everyone.

G : If you don't know me that doesn't mean I am BAD BOY.


G : Why I need any judgment about my chracter from you. When even you blankly give a statement and now you are not able to recall one single LIVE example. 

G : Whatever example you can give is HEARD from someone. Every thing we HEAR is not TRUE. Once i heard about a SNAKE who can turn his SHAPE/BODY (ichhadhari naag) but no one has seen so far. Should I believe such things, just because I Heard ?

X : These two are different matter. Why any girl ...... 

G : Stop this nonsense. Girls are not from MARS, if a boy can speak false, why a lady can't ?

G : Is there any CHEMICAL LOCHA which stop then speaking FALSE ?

X : ... ....

G : ...

X : ....

G : ....

Gursharn Singh

Thursday, 11 September 2014



It was january 1st, virat was killed more then 2 month back. Although viract was richest and well known person, still most people forget him within 2 months. Reason can be many but biggest reason is Old men on hill.

Aasif, a well known lawyer in his community also legal adviser of virat. He was known not only for his knowledge about Law but also known for amending legal fight for accused's benifit with the help of links for money. He played important role in many criminal cases, mostly he fight for money but there were a few cases where he really fight for justice. But that time is gone, now Aasif fight for money.

1st of January he was coming back from a meeting with one of client where he was expecting a lot of money as fee. Meeting goes well still today was not a good day for him. When he was driving on an empty road, suddenly he was forced to stop his car. Somehow all four tyres blasted, he could not drive so he decided to walk till he get taxi. On the road it was almost imposible to get texi but he was expecting from next taxi-stand which was around 3 km.

In next 1 hr he was almost at texi stand but he find it difficult to move without water, he stoped in front of small hut, which was there for social welfare. He could see a men sitting behind a small window, ready to serve water but he was not able to see his face, even he was not interested. Although the hut and water was for social wellfare but he paid his contribution and moved toward taxi stand. As soon as Aasif moved from small hut, the person sitting behind small window came out and start walking in oposite direction, soon he was not visible anywhere.
7th January, Aasif is not feeling well, he decide not to go office and sleep at home, because he wated to be fit before next day. Next day he was having important case at critical stage. He was expecting to be well before next day, but the next day never came. Next day was worst, he was not even able to come out of bed. Best doctors of city examined him but every report, every diagnostics was telling he is ok, still his body was telling otherwise. 7th January was last day when he come out of his room. 9th July early morning Aasif was found dead.
Almost everyone was convienced about the loss because of bad health. Soon soon a news travel in city that at Aasif's last resing place someone has tagged 'RAGA'. Noone knows who and why ? But now noone was ready to accept his death because of health. With the news fear was also travelled in city that RAGA has done second murder but noone knows how ?

The same day when RAGA was noticed, in a small room at outer part of city one can see the same young men, who give water to Aasif when he was walking on road in search of taxi. He was alone. A glass bottle, a chemical inside can be seen on small table, tagged NEPTHA (neptha a chemical which can cause death of a person without appearing in diagnostic). The young men writing in a diary about NEPTHA and about death of Aasif. He write in detail how he mixed NEPTHA in water, how NEPTHA was never discovered in aasif's blood and never cured by medical science and finally killed him. After finishing diary he locked diary and glass bottle in a box, came out of room locked well and start walking toward city. Soon he was not visible anywhere, he was lost in city.

The day RAGA was found on Aasif's resting place, the old men again came out from hole on top of hill. People were linking the old men and RAGA, but noone know who is RAGA and how he is connected with the old men.

Gursharn Singh

Monday, 1 September 2014


CONVERSATION 0003 :-- This conversation happen last day in my car while driving to my market.  It based on real incident just name place and language is changed.

Characters : Mr. G & Mr. X

X : ....

G : ...

X : ...

G : ...

X : We must FOCUS on Moral study

G : Why

X : Boys were bad now Girls also going on Same Route.

G : Who told you GIRLS were not bad previously.

X : Experience.

G : Have you seen Porn Site. Lakhs of FEMALES there, are not they GIRLS ?

X : Yes they are.

G : These sites running from decades then how you can say GIRLS were not bad previously.

X : These ladies are DRAGGED in this business by MALES. If MALE stop visiting these ladies there won't be any.

G : DO you like GUNS ?

X : yes.

G : Do you have any ?

X : Its Licensed, not available in OPEN MARKET.

G : Just Like GUNS, If these ladies STOP working as PROSTITUTES there wont be any CUSTOMER.

X : May be TRUE. But I am sure these are not GOOD GIRLS. U will never get any GOOD GIRL on PORN SITES.

G : Why not ? My wife came from reputed family. She has around 10 clips circulating.

X : You did it ?

G : How I can ? She is with her boyfriend in Clips ? He send me Links.

X : Oh !!!

X : There may be a few Cases.

G : Or may be we think these are few cases and Ignore. Why don't you give a try, You may get a few GOOD GIRLS circulating there.

X : Shut-up. Drop me here I will go by AUTO.

Gursharn Singh

Thursday, 28 August 2014


Early Morning, I wake-up with a sense of HAPPINESS. Why ? I don't have any answer but there are moment when I feel happy or relaex without any reason. With a cup of tea I start think when was the last time when I felt relaxed. After sometime I start think what was the HAPPIEST moment of my LIFE.

39 Year back I was born as MALE in my family, after two FEMALES. Probably that was the first day when I was HAPPY enough. Why ? I don't know may be because of chearing sounds from outside or may be because of the sound of metals plates.

(In north India when any male took birth its common to create metal sound, why the sound, it probably related to war, in old time this was used as information that one more PROTECTOR/YODHA has born)

Reason can be any, but that was my HAPPIEST day. I can't comment on my sisters birth, probably that was their happiest moment, but no comment or may be some other time.

What happen after that ? Why I called the day as HAPPIEST day ? Does that mean rest of LIFE was DOOMED ? No there are thausands of moment when I feel happy but today when i think about past I found the moment as the HAPPIEST moment. There are many reason behind that.

After Birth a couple of year just passed without any motive ... probably there was no motive or I was not enough inteligent to understand the responsiblities waiting for me. One good day I joined a school nearby. It was nearby still too far, I was not intrested still I was forced by love and bribe to sit and study.

Only one person can be luck to get top position in class and I was born with enough luck. Well those were the day when I was having option either to play with friends or to study to stay on first position in class. I choose to study. Why ? There can be many answer but today I feel there was a deep rooted sense that I have to earn for my family and for that I need to perform good during education. I know its not good but its BITTER TRUTH of Indian society where the earning responsiblity is on MALE CHILDS.

Next 20 year When I was busy with my books, time was slipping from hand like sand. Suddenly I reallize that education is over now time to search a decent Job, which not only fulfill my family requirements but also can satisfy me and my hobies. Luck again smile on me and I was blessed with a job within one year. Although the job was enough for me and my family also it was enough to satisfy my hobies/nature. But the one year time period teach me only one thing I should not bother about my hobies but I should be focused on the needs of family.

I could not say it was my golden period but I was not bad either. Many time neighbours use my name in examples to teach their own kids. Today I think was that good .. .if one kids become like me can that be good or parents let their kids grow in their own shell ? 

Almost everyone was happy with me. One day suddenly entire socity was standing against me. Everyone was thinking as I was a BORN CRIMINAL. Why ? Why they forget that they used my name as example for their kids ? Where was that IDEA person ? What wa reality the IDEA MEN or the BORN CRIMINAL ? I never find answer.

Time is good teacher and time teach me my leason in hard way, but in time. Today I can say The only HAPPIEST moment of my life was the moment when i took birth, rest of my life I was working for one and only one task to FEED my family. This is not natural but this is expected by my society. The only moment when I live without expection was just after birth and the HAPPIEST MOMENT. 

Rest of the life I wasted because I am MEN.

Gursharn Singh

Wednesday, 27 August 2014


CONVERSATION 0002 :-- This conversation happen just a couple of days back in a car while driving to my farm with my one and only one relative.  It based on real incident just name place and language is changed.

Characters : Mr. G & Mrs. X

X : Its bad time, Girls are disappearing.
     (Jamana Kharab hai ladkiyan khade khade gayab ho jati hain).

G : Where ?
      (Khan par ?).

X : In India.
     (Yhin par).

G : How many you have seen in last 64 year ?
      (Apni puri umar main kitno ko gayab hote dekha hai ? She is 64 year old.)

X : Noone.
     (koi bhi nhin).

G : Then how you can say girls are disappearing ?

X : It is in media daily.
     (Paper main roj aata hai)

G : 4 year back in 2010, there was a news in paper saying one scientish throw her wife out of house. What do u say about that news ?

X : That was false, the day it claimed we were not even in city.

G : Then how you can say rest of the news are not FALSE ?


G : Next time before claiming anything will you please check the facts.


Gursharn Singh

Monday, 25 August 2014


CONVERSATION 0001 :-- This conversation happen just a couple of days back in a bus during short journey.  It based on real incident just name place and language is changed.

Characters : Mr. X, Ms. Y & Mr. G

X to G : Can you please give your seat to Ms. Y.

G to X : Why not.

G to Y : Are u sick ?

Y to G : No. Why ?

G to Y : Are you 50 year old ?

Y to G : Shut up ... can not you see I am young

G to X : Hey Mr. X you are not fit for the generation. From past many years females demanding equality ... . .but people like you are forcing them to feel special ... . today females want to strugle but people like you not allowing. AM i right Ms.Y.

Y to G : Ya its right.

G to Y : Then what are you waiting for just go back and stand like everyone else. See there is somespace go now.

Gursharn Singh



Many times we saw news about crime against men on some news channel, but it never highlighted. Its just background news when some panel discussing crime against women. No-one really notice such news.

Why ?

Most of media channel and print media head are male, still news about male is in background why ?

Is it because they hate same gender or they love opposite gender ?

There may be thousands reason behind but today I witnessed one incident which I would like to share.

This article in not to discuss about media but its just my experience :

9.15 AM Canteen :: As usual I was taking breakfast with friends and one of them was reading news paper. The front page news was about an AIRPORT in vishakapatnam, A.P. The same news is on front page from past 4 or 5 days. An unusual comment by friend : these media people are fools they are giving same news from past many days. I am getting bored by reading same news from past few days.

There is nothing special in this conversation its obvious after telangana, rest of A.P. has to be taken care and an airport may be useful (although vizag already has one, but it may be extended).

There is nothing special about this news but still i was thinking why one person get bored when reading one news everyday, but the same person get excited when discuss or read a news about rape or sexual hrashment almost everyday.

Few month back in vizag when a lady complain about harassment by shop keeper, the news was in almost every paper for more then a week continuously (finally it was found false). That time no-one get bored topic was in hot discussion almost everyday. Nirbhaya was in papers almost everyday for few months and no-one get bored. But a simple news can be boaring if published 2 or 3 times. Badayu Rape Kand was in paper almost every day for more then a month. There are many example where crime against women reported many days and no-one get bored reading same.


Is there any problem with our mind ? 

Is our mind programmed to behave like this ? 

Who program mind to be anti-male ? 

Who is really responsible ?

Still searching how the programming can be changed effectively.

Gursharn Singh

Wednesday, 20 August 2014



  4.  THE KING
  5.  ______
  6.  ______
  7.  ______


SARA the capital of SARA kingdom, the biggest city in north hills, beautiful and naturally rich also. Year 2014, All is not well. Many people involved in crime and many innocents getting punishment, even the king himself is not clean. Sara has a clear definition of crime and its punishment but because of unaware society, judiciary and police it is almost impossible to get justice. It was not always like that long time ago sara was the kingdom well known for its law and implementation, Justice was for everyone at any cost.

A powerful men vikram is king of sara. From past 3000 years vikram and his family rule the kingdom. His family's god is a giant snake RAGA, who believed to be lived 3000 year back in the kingdom. Citizens also believe in RAGA they consider him as their protector of their rights and still the snake protect them. In living memory no-one has seen RAGA, but they believe RAGA stil live in the hole on the top of the hill, which can be seen from the center of city. Many claim they have seen a giant snake, a few claim an old men in hole, but only god knows what they have seen really. People discuss about the existence of old men and snake but no-one was brave enough to reach the hole and check himself, because rumour was no-one came back from hole. The truth was many tried to reach but because of difficult path it was almost impossible to reach the top.


Virat is a richest contractor in sara kingdom. He has personal relation with king vikram. Two year back when he was constructing a bridge, it collapse. From that day he is accused and not allowed to take any govt contract until he get cleared by court. He is fighting a long legal betel.

It is 3rd of September 2014, virat is waiting an old friend in his office. Today morning when he wake-up, he get massage from friend about the meeting. Friend came on time, it was casual meeting but from meeting virat came to know that govt is going to advertise for the biggest tender in past 50 years.

Viract think it is time to move, he can't afford to loose this one. He decided to use his political links. Soon he was sitting with king vikram. Result was promising, although he need to pay huge amount but he may get clearance before he can think of and he was happy. From the day everything changed, before the end of September not only court finalized the entire procedure but also clear him from all charges.

He was free to get tender. Before new beginning he throw a party at his own house, large number of people from political party, judiciary and from his friend circle came their to wish him luck. Late night he entered in his room. He didn't bother to switch on, he just went to bed and sleep. Next morning when his PA came he find him sleeping. It was surprising because virat never sleep after sun rise, also virat himself called this meeting. PA entered in his room. Virat can be seen sleeping on his own bad. Soon PA realize something went wrong he called doctor, who declared him dead.

Virat was found dead in his bad, day after virat was cleared from charges. It was a shocking incident for many. Police officers are working hard to find the reason, soon they noticed a wooden plate near to his bad, having a picture of snake and with text ”RAGA – hero don't live they rise”

Virat is murdered by some unknown who call himself raga was highlight that day. But actually who is raga no-one knows. Even police was not able to find any clue. Some claim their protector RAGA returned back, but they don't have any explanation for the real incident. King vikram was confused one side he was thinking RAGA is their GOD but the same time he was not able to find why their GOD killed him. Their could be thousands suspects but there was no way to find real one, soon case was closed.

The day virat was found dead, a small kid when he was playing, witness an old men on top of hill. The old man was looking toward city from the front of hole. The kid called his parents, his parents called neighbours, soon hundreds of people gather there, still the old man was watching toward city. Soon king vikram also came. It continue for hours. Probably in living memory this was first time when so many people witness the old men. King was trying to relate this incident with virat's murder without any explanation.

Soon everyone forget virat but they remember RAGA.


Gursharn Singh

Monday, 11 August 2014


From History as well as from society we all know girls get married in an age lesser then boys. Question rise WHY ?

The question can't be answered from social or economical understanding. There must be something which we may or may not understand well, but there must be a strong and scientific reason. A number of scientific experiments already has been done. Let us consider one of them.

Get two female age 10 and 22 and two male age 14 and 30. Ask them to sit silently and watch their reaction. Its simple experiment and everyone know the answer.
  1. There is little difference in 22 year old female and 30 year male
  2. A Drastic change can be observed in 10 year old female and 14 year old male.

Where from this difference comes ? Is there any difference in mind structure ? Is that possible female mind has different shape then male mind ? No as per science Male & Female both have similar structure. Still there is difference, the difference can be understood  from mind development study.

Recent study from HARVARD UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL reveal that the difference between the brains of adult women and adult women are minor but the difference between girls compare to boys are dramatic.

A similar study by NICKELODEON, UK reveals that men has 11 year lag behind women when it comes to maturity. According to the study the average man doesn't reach full emotional maturity until age 43, while women mature by age 32.

There are many more study available and all confirm that men reach the maturity age after women. There can be dispute in lag period but there can't be any dispute regarding the fact that FEMALE GET MATURITY BEFORE MALE.

The NIH/NIMH study, entitled "Sexual dimorphism of brain developmental trajectories during childhood and adolescence," is printed by Elsevier from the journal NEUROIMAGE, volume 36, number 4, pages 1065-1073, July 15 2007.

Figure below, from the NIH study, shows trajectories of brain development in girls (red line) and boys (blue line), with 95% confidence intervals above and below each line.  The arrow indicates the “inflection point,” roughly the halfway point in brain development. Girls reach the inflection point just before age 11 years; boys do not reach the inflection point until just before age 15 years. A young woman reaches full maturity, in terms of brain development, between 21 and 22 years of age. A young man does not reach full maturity, in terms of brain development, until nearly 30 years of age.

All scientific study shows that female has similar level of development in mind as male, but before them. Now a couple of simple question rise :

(1) 16 year old  girl has physical relation with 16 year old boy. Here the boy is termed as rapist. Why ? Science tell us at this time male is not mature but female is mature enough. Then who is real RAPIST ?

(2) 25 year old female, has relation with 25 year old male. Here male is arrested and termed as RAPIST. Study shows female is mature then male. Why did she entered in physical relation ? Why she was not able to see the side effects ? Why she can't take responsibilities of her own action ?

Our LAW is biased against male. But it is never too late for correcting the mistakes. We need to amend law to build parity with science. Until law is formed based on science Justice can't be served.

Gursharn Singh

Sunday, 10 August 2014


10-Aug-2014, Its rakshabandan today. Should I say Happy Rakshabandan ? From dead memories, I can recall an incident from available history.

Rani Karnavati took up the regency in the name of her elder son Vikramjeet, a weak ruler. In the meantime, Mewar was attacked for the second time by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, at whose hands Vikramjeet had earlier received an defeat. It was a matter of great concern for Rani. The antagonized nobles were not ready to fight for Vikramjeet and the imminent battle was sure to be another blot in the history of Sisodias. Rani Karnavati wrote to the nobles to come forward for the sake of the honour of the Sisodias, and was able to persuade the nobles to fight for Mewar, if not for Vikramjeet. Their sole condition was that Vikramjeet and Uday Singh should go to Bundi during the war for their personal safety. Rani also sent a Rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun, calling him a brother and asking for help. Thus her name became irrevocably linked to the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Why I remember this part of history ? The best answer i can think of is it remind me a job given to us by society, without any reward. Why Rani Karnawati send rakhi ? When she send ? Was it the first time when she send ? Thousands  of question but history is mute. No-one really ready to tell or find the reason, still rakhi is glorified to teach us. Teach What, Why and Who ?

Lord Ram is one of the globally accepted god in Hindu religion. In Ramayana Lord Ram himself accepted Ravan as all time great scholar ( vidvan ). In short what ravan said must be having great meaning. Ravan talk about MAYA used by women to do the job. The same i can see in karnawati and humayu relation, The dark moment of history, which was never told to us. Why Karnawati send at the time, when she was in danger ? Why not next year or next to next year or previous year ? History failed to tell us if the relation was before or continue after this incident. It clear the motive behind was to get help during war by playing emotion game. History tell us she get help, but failed to tell us who paid for the same. Who lost lives in war ?

No history available which can tell me where from rakhi was started and what was real motive but today it is just an emotion game to get free bodyguard so that when time come there will be a person to die in exchange.

Its time to wake-up, we are not toys to play with emotion. Fight but for you and your own right to live. You are not here to die for someone else. Demand of equity (or greater) is on rise, still some females want someone to die for them, why ? Rakshabandan is nothing but a way to GLORIFIED the victims. Its great threat to equality.


This forced equality doesn't stop, thousands example can be seen in daily life :
  1. MALE paying bills in hotel
  2. MALE draging punchered bike on ROAD
  3. MALE droping their seat so that able FEMALE can sit
  6. List is endless 

Gursharn Singh

Monday, 4 August 2014


In Sara kingdom one day a couple was presented in front of king with the allegations that they have physical relation which is not acceptable by citizens of sara as well as by Law. This was a strange case in front of king and he was not able to take decision who is really responsible, the boy or girl. Finally king decided to send the boy out of city to break the relation. Yes king succeed in breaking relation but was it justice served or it was an act to promote injustice (RAGA a collection of short stories).

Many time, many talk about legal and social facts of rape. Many ask for tough law and capital punishment for rapist. Do they really Understand what is rape. Recently I asked from 10 different people if they know which IPC applicable in rape cases and if they can define IPC 376. Unfortunately out of 10, 7 even failed to tell which IPC applicable and only one was able to tell what is IPC 376. And the dark side is out of 10, 6 demanded a tough law.

Scientifically Rape is a kind of sexual intercourse or sexual penetration against individuals without his/her consent. The act may be carried out by physical force or when a person in incapable of giving consent. Scientifically Rape can be classified as :
  1. Of Female
    • By Male (F-M) - This is what in Indian society considered as Rape.
    • By Female (F-F) - Normally termed as Lesbian Rape.
  2. Of Male
    • By Female (M-F) - Indian Society completely deny from this type.
    • By male (M-M) - Indian society still don't accept such rape.
Scientifically rape is considered as PENETRATION but in general rape is accepted as VAGINAL penetration, and that is where, it become as issue of GENDER and people start considering RAPE as CRIME AGAINST WOMEN.

A few ready to accept all four kind of Rape still they consider the first type (F-M) as the most common type. But truth and statistics don't support such believes. At national level statistics not available so we need to look at international level.

CDC study reveal the following facts :
  • F-M :: 20 %
  • M-F :: 4.8 %
  • M-M :: 1 out of 71
  • F-F ::
These statistics  shows although F-M rape are higher then other types still rest can't be ignored, specifically M-F. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more men are raped in the U.S. than women, according to figures that include sexual abuse in prisons.

In India society consider F-M rape as real rape rest they deny without any reason or survey. Although Indian society & Indian Law consider F-M rape as rape still there are many reports in which male were raped by females.

A Few month back a boy was kidnapped by a group of females for their physical needs, that also is rape but legally justice is denied because IPC 376 applicable on F-M rape.

There are many such cases, unfortunately not only Indian society buy Law Makers also mute. One of the common logic behind this behaviour is M-F rape are rare in India. Although there is no study which show this as fact, still is not this JUSTICE DENIED.

In past few year physical relation between Boy & Girl below 18 year also termed as Rape, without knowing the fact that both were agree. Who is really responsible for such act boy or girl ? 15 year boy has relation with 15 year girl, who is really responsible ? Indian society and Indian Law only consider boy as rapist. Why ? Is not society declaring that girls are immature in 15 year age but boys are mature enough ? If both are equal in society and Law then how only one can be punished by an act of two ?


Gursharn Singh

Thursday, 24 July 2014


Long time ago in North Hills a king and his kingdom was known for his his Law, Justice and Implementations. Citizens of state were also aware about their rights. One day king went to forest with his son. Because of his son one men was killed and his son was found guilty. This was the first time when kings reputation was tarnished because he failed to provide justice, he was emotionally attached with his son and he let him free (part of series of story and cartoon show coming soon).

Why ? One incident and kings fame was nowhere because he choose emotion over Justice. Where he was wrong ? What happen to his kingdom ? What happen to his son ? How citizens of kingdom reacted ? All and many more question rise but they are not part of this story. Let me come to the point.

When and wherever JUSTICE & EMOTION move together justice cant be ensured. India where society is emotionally attached with females expecting justice for Male is dream or fantasy. Let us see what happen when emotion and justice stand together.

Murder : One person coming back from office late night. His parents, wife and kids waiting at home but he never returned back because he was murdered for some reason. As per Law the criminal must be punished and he get what he deserved. Law and Justice not worrying about victims parents, wife and kids just because they are not part of Law. Law is there to just ensure justice not to see beyond the limit of crime. Here what happen to parents, wife and kids can't be the part of justice. Punishment is same in both the cases, if the men is one ans only son of family or family has 3 son.

Rape : One female (scientifically male also can be victim of rape but there is no law for MALE RAPE so i exclude that) when coming back late night, she was raped by someone. She is alive, she return back for those waiting at home. Law must be drafted to provide justice. The person must be punished. What should be punishment is matter of debate but one thing is confirm it can't be same as in murder. Why ?

Is our Law drafted for the same ? No. Here Law took a different path from what it suppose to take. In case of murder the accused is assumed to be INNOCENT until he is proved CRIMINAL. That is correct because no-one can be criminal until proved. IO can be wrong and in many cases it happen. But when it is RAPE law took entirely different path, Is start from the assumption that ACCUSED is CRIMINAL and he will be CRIMINAL until he is proved INNOCENT. There can be thausands of logic behind this assumption but one of them is how she can prove ? I am asking how he can prove ? If female can't prove situation doesn't change for male.

Here at-place of serving justice LAW and COURTS start playing with emotion. The most popular logic is SHE WILL DIE EVERYDAY AFTER RAPE. Why and how it is part of JUSTICE. She may be disturbed or may not be no-one knows but it is not part of JUSTICE it is part of society.

When LAW & EMOTION stand together Rape looks like a much bigger crime then MURDER but when we stand where on LAW & JUSTICE exist MURDER is much bigger crime and it must be.

India where society is not only emotional but biased toward females. Law maker must carefully exclude EMOTION from JUSTICE. Unfortunately Law maker failed at this point and Delhi HC commented about this in one of his judgment regarding.


Coming Blogs :

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Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


After Long Day I earn 200 /- and in the end i can save 100 /-

Where to Invest this 100 /- ?

I take a lot of time then decide the right place and If there is risk involved people avoid.

(1) Are we doing the same with own life ?

(2) Are we considering the risk involved in marriage where entire life is going to be invested ?

(3) Is there enough statistics available for such calculation ?

(4) Is it necessary to calculate such risk ?

My answer are simple :

(1) No we are not thinking about this because marriage is not a business.

(2) No risk factor is considered.

(3) No statistics available.

(4) Depends on what my final AIM is. If my ultimate achievement is marriage then defiantly no reason left for consideration the risk factor. If my ultimate goal is live and let live then yes we need to consider the risk factor involved.

Is the idea of getting marriage really bad or It is extrapolated ?

Let us first consider how many chances are there to ...............

For Statistics let us consider Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan a small district.

Number of Divorce Application Every Day = 10
(source Rajasthan Patrika)

Number of Divorce Application Every Year =3650 ~ 3500

Population ~ 20 Lakh

Now consider population equally distributed in every age group 0-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-40, 40-50, 50-100 (total 6 age group)

Number or people in between 20-30 = 20/6 Lakh = 3.3 Lakh
(20-30 is valid marriage age)

There can be a few more from 30-35 = 1.5 Lakh

Total marriage age group = 4.8 Lakh

These 4.8 Lakh will marry in next 15 year
(assumed equally distributed)

Every year number of person marrying = 4.8/15 Lakh = 0.32 Lakh = 32000

out of 32000 half ladies population and half gents. That means only 16000 marriage every year.

Every Year marriage = 16000
(assumed every one getting marriage within district)

But this assumption may not be true so safe side 20000 or 25000 marriage every year can be considered.

If 20000 then marriage failure rate = 17.5 %
If 25000 the marriage failure rate = 14 %

In short failure rate is around 15-20 % in small city.
What will happen in mega/metro cities.

What I am going to lost after a such marriage :

(1) JOB : first thing which I am going to loose is my job which I get after 25 years hard work.

(2) ARREST : There are  chances that I will be arrested without investigation. I may need to spend a few days (vary from a couple of days to months) behind bar. At the same time my parents, married sisters, married brothers also can be send to jail.

(3) MONEY : It's a long battle in court which may extend from 5 yr to 10 yr or may be long and during that time period lakhs of rupees can be wasted.

(4) FAITH : Least but not Last my faith in Judiciary System is going to tarnish and does not matter what i did for past 25-30 years but Once the faith is gone I will be open to committee CRIMES.

Gursharn Singh