Monday, 9 December 2013

WHAT are the building block for false cases in IPC 498A ?

Every Year in India around 1 Lakh cases registered in IPC 498A.

Does that mean every year 1 lakh families demanding dowry ?

If we consider 5 family members registered for every dowry case that means 5 Lakh people going to jail for demanding dowry.

If i demand dowry and the i went to jail for the same reason there are chances i wont support dowry again. Is this happening ?

We need to see the statastics :

5 Lakh people learn every year

Every case involve three families on average (self, sister and brother)

3 Lakh families rising against dowry every year.

If we include a couple of neighbours too then the rising families will be large in number.

How many families are there in India ?

If this is true number of dowry cases should decrease every year.

Still the number of dowry cases rising every year.


Why IPC 498A is not able to finish dowry from India Society ?

Is it because of Law itself or some hidden reasons are there ?


Answer hidden within the question itself. Most of people teaching their daughter from birth :

(1) FIL and MIL and husbands are dowry seeker.
(2) They are cruel and can kill you for some money.

After growing the lady follow the same concept and when go to different house and suddenly she found something different and not able to tolerate the same. Result is nothing more then dowry case against HUSBAND, HUSBAND'S FATHER and MOTHER, HUSBAND'S SISTER AND HER HUSBAND and almost all nearby relatives. Sometime Illegal relations also responsible for false cases.

None of them are valid reason for dowry case but as filling dowry cases is easy (no proof or evidence required and immediate arrest) and finally when case is found false no punishment for wife or her parents encourage the misuse.

Finally the Law designed to punish criminals finally punishing innocents which finally creating more criminals.

A person who support dowry less marriage will never support again after a long legal battle.

Why he should support dowryless marriage ?
Why not he demand dowry and fight at place of fight for years without demanding ?

Shortcomings in Law finally creating 5 Lakh families every year who support dowry.

Gursharn SIngh

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Women is Source of our Lives on Earth ?

Someone said :

Women is the sources of our lives in this Earth ?

Is the statement true ?

I completely disagree if this is the truth nature won't create men.

Remind me one story :

One Teacher send his students to find a plant which is useless. Some students came back after one day, some other came after a week ... but one of the student came back after many years with the statement that he failed to find such plant. and finally the teacher said your education is completed.

 In short nature never create something useless. Natural existence of man is ultimate proof that women is not the source of life. Man and Women both responsible for the life. Neither man alone give birth nor women can.

Gursharn Singh

Monday, 2 December 2013


IPC 498A Conviction rate is very Low (less then 2 %).

Every Year around 1 Lakh case registered in IPC 498A (

Out of 1 Lakh less then 2 % get convicted.

In Corruption/Murder etc Conviction rate is also Low specially when cases are against politicians system fail to provide justice that is what a normal Indian think of .... then why not the same apply in IPC 498A ?

Two questions pop-up in mind :

(1) Is the judicial system fail and most of dowry seeker get acquitted ?

(2) Most of case registred in IPC 498A are true ?

Yes. As a normal Indian I would conclude the same until I know the basic difference in IPC 498A and other IPC sections.

The basis difference lie within the system.

(a) Normally in any IPC it is assumed the accused is INNOCENT until proved otherwise. And because of inefficient system police and other agencies fail to prove him guilty and conviction rate stay Low.

(b) In IPC 498A situation is reverse and the accused is assumed to be GUILTY until proved otherwise. And at the same time wife's statement assumed true. Its accused responsibility to prove himself INNOCENT and accused put thier best afforts to prove. He provide best arguments and evidences and finally get acquitted.

The difference in the proceeding change the game : Normally in any IPC accused get aquited because police or investigation agencies fail to prove him guilty and in IPC 498A accused is proved Innocence in presence of evidences.

CONCLUSION : IPC 498A accused are proved INNOCENT in the light of evidences not because of absence of evidences and easy to think they are really Innocent and Victim of misuse.

Gursharn Singh

Saturday, 30 November 2013

MOKSHA or a way to HELL

"If we review very closely, we will find few factors of human characteristics that are responsible for every crime. It the same human characteristics that enjoys and feel pride in killing a animal. It is same human characteristics that finds enjoyment on harassing the lower caste. It is the same human characteristics that tries to grab which is not his own. It is same human characteristics that makes him excited on getting things free. Yes, GREED & CRUELTY are the inborn characteristics of human being. For this reason, only few can achieve MOKSHA, many criminals. We blame the society, but we never blame ourself. Who makes the society!"

The above paragraph is taken from another blog.

The conclusion from this paragraph are :

(1) GREED is fundamental character of HUMAN being.
(2) CRUELTY is another fundamental character of HUMAN being.

Here I am going to focus on GREED and CRUELTY  some other time.

Is this the conclusion or just a way to deny for justice. WHY ?

(1) Fundamental characters can't be changes : If GREED and CRUELTY are fundamental then there is no way to remove them from my character.

(2) One side blogger accepting HUMAN being is greedy at the same time saying females are not greedy they never lie, they never misuse Law and much more.

But biggest lie supported is one side it is said HUMAN BEING are GREEDY and the same time they are giving power to female so that they can enhance their GREED. Blogger himself agree that 498A can be misused and we know how easily even SC said it is legal terrorism ... still not thinking about a way which can solve the problem but we support a way which failed in solving the issue but multiply the problem. IrBM is another tool which is going to rise females GREED.

Can this be a solution that we just reverse the situation ? Or some hidden agenda so that on the name of women empowerment a few GREEDY people can enjoy or fulfill their own GREED ?

Gursharn Singh

The Truth Behind Dowry ?

Read somewhere

"In India, even in the year 2013 dowry is a grave social issue."

It this truth ?

Normally people use such statement. Have seen many people can give enough long statement in debates but I would like to ask few simple question : Just recall your memory and answer honestly

(1) Check How many marriage you have attended so far ?
(2) How many times groom asked for a car at the time of VIDAI or FERE or AANAND KARJ ?
(3) Out of Attended how many are booked in 498A.

My answers are very SImple

(1) More then 100. Personally presented at time of vidai more then 50.
(2) Not Even Single Time.
(3) As per my best knowledge 13.

I believe most of people have more or less same answer but still dowry is social problem. Is this really a social problem and still we have not seen and dowry demand but we have seen FIR which we know are FALSE ... still we say dowry exist ... we are not depending on our own experience but we are relying on someone else.

After a deep thinking I came to conclusion that dowry is not exactly defined in India still Law exist. In General three type of transection exist

(a) Parents give something to their daughter at the time of marriage
(b) Parent give something to groom as a gift at time of marriage.
(c) Some Expenditure during marriage on guests.

All three are not part of dowry.

There is another form which exist


This part of transaction is really comes under dowry and there is Law which says for that girl's parents should be punished. Unfortunately this law used rarely or almost never. For this form groom or his parents are not responsible.

Finally there is another form in which groom has taken something by force personally I have not seen any.

Still Every Year around 1 Lakh families are booked in 498A IPC. And interesting fact is dowry list given by most of FIR (have seen around 60) is part of first three transaction. The part of dowry which is GIVEN and girl's parent should be punished we are punishing BOY and his PARENTS. Why because the Law assume wife never Lie her statement if true and boy lie his statement is false.

Finally i would like to say yes DOWRY exist but it exist in the mind of young girl's parents who assume and spend for their own wish finally any dispute run to police station. And the most unfortunate part is society not ready to accept that girl's can be wrong. Why Are girls from some other planet where only truth exist ?

I would like to know how many educated girls ready to marry less or uneducated boy. A few can be seen but when i ask how many ready to marry unemployed boy, answer is ZERO. why ?