Monday, 11 May 2015


CONVERSATION 0009 :-- This conversation happen a couple of days back. It based on real incident just name place and language may be changed.
Characters : Mr. G & Mr. V & Mr. Z

G : You know passing og a new Law is in demand now a days. As per demand Physical Relation with Wife also can be termed as Rape.
Z : I think Govt denied that.
G : Yes. For time being Govt had deny but as the demand and pressure is build it may be passed in near future.
Z :  Will se when it will be passed.

G : Once passed then fight for years, it would be better rise your voice now.
Z : Why you are against this Law ?
G : There are many reason but first and simple is how you will decide if it was Rape or not ?
Z : Why ?
G : Will you put CCTV in bedroom ? See normally in Rape u can get some proof with medical report / mobile location / social relation etc. But here you both living in same house and you have physical relation too. Then How you will prove your Innocence ? Or you would like to be termed as Repist just because your Wife said ?

V : Yes that is right
Z : Why you are worrying. You have only Daughters.
G : What ?
V : Sometime We need to think broader then just about myself.
G : What about Mahatma Gandhi, Boss, Bhagat Singh etc, they didn't fight for self.
Z : Time has changed now Think about self only. Keep clean your nearby thats all.
G : ..... 

Still not sure how to reply ....
Gursharn Singh