Wednesday, 30 September 2015


    I read a lot of Books, even a common men can read more then that. I have personal library of more then 1000 printed books & more then 10,000 e-books. The collection has all type of books. But the biggest collection I have is those having some kind of super natural or scientific power. For example BLACK MAGIC, VAMPIRES, TIME TRAVELLING, SCIENTIFIC GADGETS etc.

    Does that mean I believe in BLACK MAGIC ?

    I would not say YES of NO. Not because I am confused, but just because I won't give a blank statement about something which I don't even know.

    Science yes I know about science, but it will be extreme if i say yes I know each and everything about science. I am scientist by profession as well as by nature, but I know just a fraction of it, just a fraction. People believe in science mostly deny the existence of BLACK MAGIC. Yes I have seen many people saying they believe in science and there is no such thing like BLACK MAGIC.

    BLACK MAGIC, I don't know exactly what it is, even I don't know if such thing exist. In that case if i say YES or NO that will be my ignorance. But If i say there is something, which we don't even understand and that can be BLACK MAGIC. The statement can be true, but partial.

    Just partial because I have seen a document which talk about the DEATH of Mr. A (my father). And the document was written even 17 or 18 year before his death. The time mentioned in document is same with the error bar of 10 days. The document is still safe with me, and this document is proof that there is something which I don't understand. There is something which tells us what is hidden is future, does not matter if I can read or understand, but future exist. Handful of people can read and understand, may be partially, but they can.

    Many people will deny, by saying it is matter of chances. Yes they can, they have every right of saying this, not because they know everything but because they have every right to explain as per their understanding.

    Does that mean now I believe in BLACK MAGIC ?

    As I said i wont say YES or NO. But there is something I don't even understand, and I would like to learn and understand one day.


Gursharn Singh

Monday, 28 September 2015


The following conversation is true just language and name are changed.

Character : Mr G & Mr K

K : .....

G : ....

K : You are not sensitive about females.

G : Now where from this sensitivity toward women ? We were talking about protection and safety of men.

K : What you keep talking about is anti-women ... .... what if your sister or mother ....

G : Wait. I think conversation is over and I WON.

K : Hey I am not over.

G : Yes you have finished. The argument of Mother & Sister is last one people use. And when someone speak this I say I WON.

G : If you have any other logic to continue the conversation please share.

K : Your Mother & Sister are women and they are my argument here.

G : Yes they are women and first they are women after that anything else. Their safety can have its own importance but father's brother's & son's safety has equal importance for me. So if you have any other argument left with you speak now.

K : hmm .. ..m mm ...

G : I can't kill my brothers & father and that is equally important for me.

G : So you lost ?

K : ...

Gursharn Singh

Saturday, 26 September 2015


    GOD Exist ?

    What is form of GOD ?

    Where GOD Live ?

   There are many questions, even uncountable, but no answer. May be people get answer. Some get answer in Ramayana, Some get in Bible, or Quran, or Gita, few get in Guru Granth Sahib. But the important thing is one get answer in Bible didn't get in Ramayana. Why ?

    Probably they don't get answer in Books but they get in their believe. If i am Muslim I will see god in Quran, only in Quran and if i am Hindu I don't see god in Quran, just because their believe is just static.

    I may be wrong but, still the truth is the only immortal thing (not even solid) is TIME. Yes time has no end, it run everyday with same speed, nothing can interrupt, nothing can stop it, does not matter what happen time run with same speed. One said only GOD is immortal, so TIME is GOD.

    Yes Time is responsible for construction, destruction, change both minor or major ... . . nothing happen without time, not even a seed grow. Time provide justice, time give punishment, time tell me its time to leave the planet earth (death), time tell me I am nothing even if I think I am something. In short time do all the things necessary and on right moment, then why we need to find a GOD which will die one day ?

    Somnath Bharti, remember the name ?

    Once he was a Lawyer, then he was Minister and finally he is Criminal (Lawyer -> Minister -> Criminal -> ?). Status change with time, he has seen both Good and Bad time. What will be next no-one knows. Hope he will come back sooner or later. Once he demanded a specific Law from Justice Verma, today he is criminal under similar Law. That prove no-one is untouched by time, no-one doesn't matter what he or she think. When time come one will get punishment or reward for his doing.

    Once I was very innocent men, today I am criminal (no I am not talking about court cases, I am talking about criminal mind). Once she was committing crime by assuming nothing can damage her, today facing criminal charges. No matter what we thing, our status change with time.

    TIME do the things we believe only GOD can do or should do, still we deny the existence of time. WHY ?


Gursharn Singh

Thursday, 24 September 2015


    Daman Welfare Society Launched second ANDROID APPLICATION to interact with people around the GLOBE. This application is developed for the organisers of meetings, to keep track of participants.

    The application has 5 screens :

SCREEN 1 : The very first screen is just a boot screen. When the user launch application  it shows a welcome message and also interact with daman resources, if mobile's data services are on. In case data services are off, still application work in offline mode.

SCREEN 2 : Once the application ready to use, it shows a list of existing records date wise. By clicking on any item detail of that particular meeting can be seen. Apart from record there are three switches.

    START : The switch can be used to start a new meeting. The only limitation in 'ONE MEETING PER DAY'. As soon as a meeting created it appear in list. Member can be add in meeting from detail of meeting screen.

    MEMBER : The switch can be used to see the list of registered members ONLINE or OFFLINE. For online users the application search GLOBAL database, while the OFFLINE member can be added by the user.

    REPORT : The switch shows the report about a particular member or chapter. This function can be used only if user/member is registered with DAMAN.


DAMAN WEEKLY -  Start Screen

SCREEN 3 : Third Screen appear when user click on an item in the List to see the details of a particular meeting. The screen shows details of members in meeting. The detail shows the date and time of meeting, name, mobile numbers, email id & registration ID of members. The registration number can be GLOBAL of LOCAL.

    JOIN When a new member join meeting, he or she can be added by using the the switch. When click on the switch it ask for mobile number. For old members his registered mobile number can be used and for new members his mobile, which he wish to register can be given.
    SYNC : The switch is to SYNC meeting details to prepare reports. This function is available only for registered users of DAMAN.

DAMAN WEEKLY - Meeting Screen

SCREEN 4 : When user click on MEMBER switch, next screen appear which shows the list of registered members., both GLOBAL and LOCAL. The screen has 2 more switches :

    SYNC : The function available for registered DAMAN users. This can be used to get GLOBAL list of registered members, as well as to make locally registered members to GLOBAL.

    ADD MEMBER : The switch can be used to add new members locally.  The switch ask for Name, Mobile number (without zero or +91), email and  ID. ID is a unique number which can be any for locally registered members, and for globally registered members DAMAN decide the ID. For example DAMAN use 'DM-0020' but Haryana people can use HY-0001 or Delhi people can use DL-0001.

SCREEN 5 : The screen appear when user click on REPORT switch from main screen. the screen shows the detailed report card of chapter as well as globally registered members.  To get REPORT card it is necessary to registered with DAMAN.



Gursharn Singh

Friday, 18 September 2015


What is Sacrifice ?

    "A sacrifice is a loss or something you give up, usually for the sake of a better cause."

    A few examples are Subhash Chandra Boss, Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey etc. We are lucky enough because we have unlimited example, we can't count them. Neither we can count nor we can return what we received.

    But the most unfortunate is today the names we can't count are not recent but all those names are from past. Today thousands of people claim their sacrifice but actually it is nothing but a false sense.

    Just a day back someone claimed women/wife sacrifice for husband and kids. I am Surprised, how this is possible, specially when day to day life shows otherwise.

    No-one is behind in showing his or her sacrifice. Man claim his sacrifice for women and women claim her sacrifice for men. Unfortunately no-one bother for the claimed sacrifice by men, so we don't need to talk about that. But sacrifices by women is an issue which everyone is trying to encash.

    What women sacrifice for men and kids :

  1. CARRIER : First and most important claim is carrier. It can be important, if she really do that. Unfortunately when I visit 'family courts' what i see is a very long line of well educated women (doctor, engineer, teacher etc) asking for money from husband because they are not able to work. Lakhs are there resign from the job for money. This scenario is enough to prove that most women not interested in carrier or job, but they wanted to sit idle. WHAT A GREAT SACRIFICE ?
  2. TIME & MONEY FOR KIDS : Kids don't come in this world by their wish, but they born after parents wish. It is their duty to provide environment which can help them to grow freely. Nothing time or money can be sacrifice for kids, it is parents duty. DUTY CAN'T BE SACRIFICE.
  3. INDEPENDENCE FOR MEN & KIDS : Every individual in this world is INDEPENDENT at the same time he depends on other too. Now this dependence force him to live in society. Society provide safety as well as facilities at the cost of independence, or atlease limited independence. If individual don't follow the rules of society, he or she is free to leave. Still if someone living in society that only show he needs society more then society need him. So How the limited independence can be sacrifice when individual choose it to facilitate himself. Same apply on husband & wife too.
  4. GENERATION : Giving birth to kids is painful. But the role is given to females by MOTHER/FATHER nature. No-one can change it. Limited possibility is changing gender with the help of modern medical science. How a natural process can be sacrifice ?
    The list is endless because the claims are endless, but really there is no sacrifice by women. Women is in matrimonial relation for her own benefits. She is free to walk on no-marriage path, no-one can force her. But the claim is just to pressurize individuals. And the most unfortunate condition is men is liberal enough to glorify her claims.

    The same apply on Men too, but as I said noone care for the claim by men. It will be useless to comment on it.

    Time has come when both gender need to understand, there is no future in false claims. Best it step on free path, achieve real independence.

Gursharn Singh

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


    MINISTRY OF WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT working on prenuptial agreement. Most of us not familiar with such agreement.

    Here are few important points :

  1. Prenuptial agreement is contract between two individuals before marriage.

  2. In India prenuptial agreement neither legal nor valid.

  3. In India courts consider such agreement only when divorce granted in 13B. 

  4. Govt of India need to change matrimonial Law to make prenuptial agreement possible.

    Such agreement can be very useful when it is not biased, specially when agreement is done by individuals after considering their rights. Here as a Men I don't have any right in matrimonial Dispute, even most people don't even know the legal aspects of marriage, therefore such agreements will be nothing more then a blunder.

    As per discussion on various leading channel the motive comes-out behind prenuptial is to provide easy maintenance to women. Today to get maintenance women has to prove in court that she was not at fault. She has to prove the fault by husband. After prenuptial it doesn't matter if she is at fault or he is. She will get money.

    Such agreement wont help is criminal cases filled by wife like IPC 498A & CrPC 125.

    As per my best knowledge she will be allowed to file multiple maintenance cases under various maintenance law like CrPC 125, HMA 24, Section 18 etc.

    Husband or Men not going to get any relief with such prenuptial agreement. Reason is very simple. Draft is prepared under guidance of honorable minister who just one week back openly showed her HATE toward a specific gender.

    We are not sure what will happen with the agreement if circumstances change. For example if I am rich businessmen I can afford an agreement with Mercedes, what will happen if circumstances change and I am not in fit position to afford a cycle ?

    Marriage will be a business for most just like IPC 376.

    I can see one advantage of prenuptial agreement. Men will see and may be study the side effect of marriage. Money orientation behind marriage will be clear well before marriage.

    There is one more advantage Men will be stay far from Marriage, which is need of time. 

    But prenuptial agreement can be really useful if the following points considered :

  1. Fix a formula for maintenance irrespective of GENDER.
    • Make sure no-one sit idle.
    • No Multiple Maintenance Law & Cases
    • Consider the contribution of both.
    • Time period in wedlock must be considered.
  2. Shared Child custody should be default option.
  3. Responsibilities of both irrespective of GENDER should be noted down. Not only monetary but ...  .... also.
  4. Before signing prenuptial education about Law must be given to both irrespective of GENDER.

    There can be many more points but in current circumstances I find such agreement useless, because it is another biased (anti-male) effort by GOI. Today I see this as modified IrBM in form of Prenuptial agreement.

    Under these circumstances I am forced advice boycott of marriage unless she is ready to SIGN on NO-MAINTENENCE & SHARED PARENTING agreement.

Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


    Every morning an alarm wake me up. Normally  I switch off the alarm and go to bad again. I can understand most of us will say This happen with most of us.

    I don't care if it is bad good or normal, but I think if I switch off alarm and go to bad again, it only show that we are late. Before sleeping I set alarm, I was having something in my mind, in morning I switched off, that means I may not be getting enough time for that something.

    Just a year back an incident happened in Rohtak. Most of people stand-up for the brave sisters. Suddenly most of the standing people disappear, because they found the act was not of their bravery, but it was a shame for entire country.

    Just couple of days back another act of bravery witnessed by India, latter it was found act of shame again.

    There are many more hidden acts of bravery, but actually act of shame for entire country, but because of media attention or may be lack of public support it didn't noticed.

    All these incidents are nothing but morning alarm for Indian men to wake up from misandry and fight for their own right. Unfortunately most of us choose to switch it off and go to sleep again.

    Soon many will understand they lost the precious time. But it is never late but it would be great if we wake up soon.

    Wake Up Before it is too Late

Gursharn Singh

Thursday, 3 September 2015


    Today after lunch when we were waiting ... ... or may be just passing time a question rise ... . .. . A Reputed Singer (Honey Singh) why he sing songs which may be classified as VULGAR.

    I don't know who really can decide if his songs are Vulgar or Decent ? But I thing there is no such thing which is vulgar, its just what my mind reply. Anything can have adult content for me at the same time it can be nothing just normal. A top less women can be adult or same time it can be artistic. I am not saying anything about shirtless MEN ... because no-one care about men.

    And my mind reply what society teach me from the first day, I born. Two different kids, grow in two different society, one grow in slum and he use a language which looks like abusive, and second kid grow in upperclass / middelclass he even feel shamed when try to use same language. Language or word used are same but one feel proud, while second feel guilty. Who will decide who is right ?

    There is fair argument that kids also listen songs. Is this really a fair argument ? Today we live in virtual world where every type of content available. A kid can read or listen that is not the matter what Honey Singh or anyone provide, but its matter of how parents filter the content. Unfortunately the filtering is not to provide a balanced growth to kid, but it is to trained the kid so that he can learn to feed them when they are old, to protect members of house, specially women.

    Why Honey Singh should not sing, which may be vulgar or adult ? He is a singer. He provide entertainment for all, then why not for adult, adult also like him, they have every right to get suitable content from him ?

    Most of such discussing finally come at the point where one says "WHAT YOU WILL THINK OR DO IF SOMEONE USE ABUSIVE LANGUAGE FOR YOUR SISTER/MOTHER".

    This always happen, today was not different. But this single statement clear each and everything. Society need soldiers to protect (specially women). Such blind soldier can be prepared only with a trained mind, just trained to do the things without even knowing what they are doing. Society don't allow us to grow freely, but we are trained to protect just protect just like SLAVE just SLAVE. And that is what we do .. .... .. .every thing or discussion finish at  what if this happen to WOMEN AT YOUR HOME .. .. . .. .. . I don't know when MEN will understand he is on EARTH to live not to protect WOMEN or to feed them.

    Half of the world is SLAVE to rest HALF.

Gursharn Singh

2015-09-02 - A DAY WITH TEAM DAMAN