Saturday, 16 May 2015


Railway and Passenger Validation

I travelled from city X to city Y on date D from time T1 to T2. After a couple of month because of some reason I need to prove that on date D from time T1 to T2 i was travelling in railway.

How can I do that ?

Producing railway ticket, can prove that I planed to travel on date D. But if I
really traveled or not that can be confirmed by railway only. Also if the ticket
was booked on counter (I Ticket) i has on list of passengers without name, so again I need to get validation from railway.

How can I do that ?

What I should ask from Railway ?

Here is my experience :-

Start from the time difference between date of journey and date of validation

Less then 6 month :: If i need validation before 6 month in that case
I can demand

    (1) Copy of Chart Prepared before starting journey
    (2) Copy of reservation form filled at railway counter
    (3) Any other relevant information.

More then 6 month :: Once a time period of 6 month passed Railway destroy reservation form and Chart prepared for journey both.

Does that mean railway can't confirm journey or passengers ?

Yes they can, most valuable information still stored in digital format, so
railway may not be able to provide copies ... but still they can validate relevant information regarding journey.

Can I get such information by RTI ?


Railway has different procedure to get such information. Once I applied RTI for such information railway going to reply regarding the procedure. TO get validated any information regarding journey, I need to pay an amount of 750 rs (It may be different now) in form of DD payable at "PAY & ACCOUNT OFFICER RAILWAY BOARD, NEW DELHI" for one PNR confirmation and send this Draft to Dy. CCM/C&CPIO, NORTHERN Railway, Baroda House, New Delhi. Now the address can change as per the Zone related to journey.

Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


    A few days back a bus driver in Delhi was killed. Reason behind his death can be matter of discussion but not a matter of concern for me, atleast not now.

    But more important is the driver has two kids. Just two kids one can against differentiate between 'one male & one female' but I would like to say two kids. Both are in school or college, at the edge of building their future.

    But Delhi Government don't think so. For Delhi government one of the kid and his future is more important then other. Why ? Because one kid is actually Female. Yes its true, just read the news which claim Delhi Government going to support FEMALE KID'S study.


    My Question are :
        (1) Why Only Female KID ?
        (2) What wrong the MALE kid has done ?
        (3) Why Female Kids Future is More Important then Male Kid ?

    Yes I know Politicians don't reply they just do Gender Discrimination as per their wish.

    Hope one day Delhi Govt has to answer 'Why one kid was more important then other'

Gursharn Singh

Monday, 11 May 2015


CONVERSATION 0009 :-- This conversation happen a couple of days back. It based on real incident just name place and language may be changed.
Characters : Mr. G & Mr. V & Mr. Z

G : You know passing og a new Law is in demand now a days. As per demand Physical Relation with Wife also can be termed as Rape.
Z : I think Govt denied that.
G : Yes. For time being Govt had deny but as the demand and pressure is build it may be passed in near future.
Z :  Will se when it will be passed.

G : Once passed then fight for years, it would be better rise your voice now.
Z : Why you are against this Law ?
G : There are many reason but first and simple is how you will decide if it was Rape or not ?
Z : Why ?
G : Will you put CCTV in bedroom ? See normally in Rape u can get some proof with medical report / mobile location / social relation etc. But here you both living in same house and you have physical relation too. Then How you will prove your Innocence ? Or you would like to be termed as Repist just because your Wife said ?

V : Yes that is right
Z : Why you are worrying. You have only Daughters.
G : What ?
V : Sometime We need to think broader then just about myself.
G : What about Mahatma Gandhi, Boss, Bhagat Singh etc, they didn't fight for self.
Z : Time has changed now Think about self only. Keep clean your nearby thats all.
G : ..... 

Still not sure how to reply ....
Gursharn Singh

Monday, 4 May 2015

Kumar Biswas should give statement that I didn't raped Ms. XYZ ...

    Everything is defiantly not right, I can sense the heat. Suddenly felt something happened. Really what happened, I could not understand in one go. Read again and again then I realize one lady demanding a statement from Kumar Biswas. A Statement nothing else, a statement about her character.

    Surprising why and how kumar biswas can give certificate ?

    Every second person discussing and telling he should come forward and save her family. Yes its looks logical, if a single statement can save HER FAMILY they why not ?

    It may look simple but its not that simple. Why ?

    What if tomorrow I came forward and ask Kumar Biswas to give statement that I did not Raped Ms XYZ . The time she claimed I was in meeting with him ? His one statement may save me.

    What if tomorrow I came forward and ask Kumar Biswas to give statement that I have not asked for Dowry ?

    What if tomorrow I came forward and ask Kumar Biswas to give statement that I have not Traveled without Ticket ?

   What if  one asked for a statement to favor someone ?

    Such statement has some meaning or meaningless ? This question in irrelevant.

    The real question is why he should give a statement ? Kumar Biswas has Men's Right if he wish not to speak, he has right reserve with him. No-one has right to rise question on it, not even women commission. Not giving a statement in a fight of two person is his own right.

    Notice by Commission is nothing but Violation of his Rights.

    Even if the family could be saved still Kumar Biswas has right to stay silent because his own right has more importance then third party fight.

Gursharn Singh

Sunday, 3 May 2015


    I Live in a flat at first floor. Every day morning sharp 8.30 when I come down for office, there I see a group of 5 DOGS. Everyday does not matter if raining or a dry day.

    Every dog welcome in his unique style. But the black one is special. He neither try to come close nor try to show love, but just wait little far from rest four.

    One can think these 5 dogs wait for me because I give them something to eat, yes its true I keep reserve stock of biscuits in my car for these Dogs. But they wait for me and biscuits are just a reward, I am sure of this because in evening also all 5 wait for me.

    Why I am discussing about dogs here. Today its Sunday and I was having free time so I just watch them. What I observe is FEAR. The special black dog is feared of rest four. Black one also eat a couple of biscuits in return rest four dogs fight.

    These 5 dogs really represent us, we the men. We stay together till we don't see our own benefit. Once we get something we are ready to fight with close ones. Why ?

    Can't we think just like black dog ? what if we are week ? What if our friend throw us ? What if we stay alone to fight with close ones ?

  Can't we simple ignore our own Fight to fight with #Feminism ? Remember its Important. Let us stand together and tell the #World we are back in Fight.

Gursharn Singh