Thursday, 24 March 2016


Jab phagun rang jhamkte hon,
Tab dekh baharein holi ki,
Jab daf ke shor khadke hon,
Tab dekh baharein holi ki,
Pariyon ke rang damkte hon,
Tab dekh baharein holi ki.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016


    To get updated news, I normally watch DD News or web-portals, but last evening when I was just surfing, on NDTV India (I stopped watching NDTV after Barkha's highly biased debate on Marital Rape, it was just surfing) I saw an advertisement by Delhi Govt.

    As per advertisement the ODD-EVEN implementation was very successful and original idea by Delhi Govt & Arvind Kejriwal. And It will be back soon. Good Enough.

    No comment on success of idea.
    No comment on originality of idea.
    No comment on how environment is affected.
    No comment on how it was implemented.
    No comment on .....
    No comment on .....

    But I have an objection on the presentation. First objection is advertisement was shoot on two woman’s. Still can't understand what was woman’s contribution in ODD-EVEN implementation. Still can't understand what they scarified ?

   If I am correct ladies were enjoying zam free roads and clean environment (if it happened). Without contribution just enjoying at the cost of MEN suffering in public transport, is something FUN without RESPONSIBILITIES.

    Personally I feel until Delhi Woman’s also stop driving on (either by wish or by rule implemented) alternative days, their demand of implementing ODD-EVEN again or promoting ODD-EVEN is highly objectionable.

    What Men need to understand is we are not SLAVE, born with responsibility to clear environment so that women can enjoy it. If environment is not clear, 50 % pollutions is created by 50 % population (men's contribution is just 50%), therefore 50 % population need to participate in cleaning process too. Hope in next phase of ODD-EVEN all Delhi women will drop the idea of fun without responsibility and will come forward to participate in ODD-EVEN. 

    Time for women to come forward and ask Delhi govt to ban women drivers too, on alternate days. Or may be this time implement on just WOMEN DRIVERS. Today Woman’s day is good day for such declaration.

We are not slave, we don't need to suffer, rest 50% need to clean their contribution.

Gursharn Singh