Thursday, 12 May 2016


Years Back when I was 4 year old
  • My Life was Great.
  • It was having lot of FUN
  • There was no worry or fear
  • The only job I was having was sleeping and eating and playing
  • My favorite game was ... .. . 
  • My favorite food was ... .. . 
  • My favorite bad was ... .. .  
  • My best friend was ....
  • My .....
  • My .... 
  • My ....

    There are lot of My I can write, but the fact is I even did not remember if I was 4 year old sometime. I personally feel most of people wont remember their golden golden age, or we call it golden because we don't remember it.

    Then question is why I am writing what I was in the age of 4 year. Today i saw a petition claiming he was abused when he/she was 4 year old. I tried to remember my life when i was 4 year old. Unfortunately I could not remember a single incident, then how other can remember the precise details ? Or it is just a propaganda to create un-rest in society and peaceful life ?

Gursharn Singh