Saturday, 10 December 2016


    Once upon a time a soldier fighting on front was not ready to appreciate the work done by public, who provide all resources to him.

    Same time public was not ready to recognize the work done by soldier, who fight for their safety.

    One day public refuse to refill soldier's weapon & soldier refuse to fight to protect public.

    Next day both were dead.

The story is imaginary, any resemblance in society is coincidence

Gursharn Singh

Friday, 9 December 2016

Sick Society : Triple Talak vs IrBM

Triple Talak is unconstitutional because here MEN get right to DIVORCE.

IrBM is constitutional / Women empowerment because here women get power to DIVORCE MEN.

Triple Talak (men can divorce women) & IrBM (women can divorce men) both are almost same thing. Only difference I see is Triple Talak can be Challenged in Court, while IrBM can't be challenged.


Gursharn Singh