Thursday, 31 December 2015



In 2016

SHINE like star
RISE like sun
MOVE always up
EVERY MOMENT like magic

Friday, 25 December 2015


    Yes 3 Idiots a good movie ... not just a time pass but give a message too. Personally I feel everyone should watch at-least once. It tell us about education system and where it fail. Yes we need revolution in education but I am not concern about education system, my concern is about one single point which people wont see or if they see they choose to ignore.

    I have seen the movie a couple of times including last night. Even i slept late to watch the movie, I really like it.

    What I like is not Aamir khan but director of imperial college. He is a kind of bad men in gray shades !!

    What i observe is he is not a bad men but motivated toward a specific goal even so motivated that he think all other are wrong. But what I wanted to say is he change himself .. .. . Yes he change himself when he SUFFER. He could change anytime because he was capable to accept the change but he change when he suffer. When he know his OWN SON committed suicide when HIS OWN DAUGHTER don't get proper medical attention because of natural reasons. He choose to change after suffering only.

    In short the movie also teach us about the conditions when a men or human can change himself or can change the way he think when he himself or his near dear suffer.

    The same happen with me. I can remember, just 6 year back a simple news about rape or dowry was enough for me to declare men guilty, enough without knowing the truth. But I changed once get suffered. Almost everyone (not all but almost) face the situation, then only choose to change.

    What should we do ?

    Can we change Mr. X by our arguments ?

    May be but more chances are Mr. X will change when he suffer himself.

    For the best of Men & Men'sRight or just greater good


Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 15 December 2015


    Men's HUB is one of the magazine which we (couple of volunteers) are planing to launch. It is our good luck that finally, it is coming on 1 Jan 2016. The effort is independent effort by volunteers, which get support by few other NGO including DAMAN.

    The previous launch date International Men's Day 19 Nov 2015 was postponed because of some misshaping. Still the continuous effort by volunteers make it possible to fix the date of 1 Jan 2016, rest hope for the best.

    Question is why we need MEN'S HUB ?

    I can't tell others but what i think is, MEN'S HUB is not for professional writers, its 'my voice' a common men's voice. As a common men i find it difficult to get space in leading media or news paper or magazine because I am not professional, because I can't write what a professional can write. But What i feel about day to day life is unique, and we try to give that feeling a word with Men's HUB.

    Although we will publish anything by a non-professional writer, even if someone wanted to say thank you to someone , we will consider that too. Still here are the few areas we will focus.

  1.  Men's Issue
  2.  Problem a Men Face is daily life
  3.  Any story, article, kavita having message.
  4.  Any artifact, capture, cartoon, .. .... with some message.
  5.   True inspirational stories from daily life.
  6.   True feelings
  9.  etc.

    Issue 001 is ready to publish, still if anyone wish to give material they are most welcome, we will consider in Issue 001, if not possible we will consider for Issue 002.

    How to submit ?

    Right now we receive articles on email id MHUB@DAMAN4MEN.IN in future we will open portal for receiving articles.

Gursharn Singh

Saturday, 12 December 2015

फेमिली ब्रेकिंग एंड MensRight

तक़रीबन 1 महीने से सब कुछ डिस्टर्ब चल रहा है । पहले एक साथी हमेशा के लिए चले गए उसके बाद वक़्त की कमी के चलते ज्यादा सक्रिय नहीं रह पाया । आज वक़्त मिला तो सोशल मीडिया पर काफी वक़्त बिताया ।

काफी तलाश कारने के बाद मजबूरन इस नतीजे पर पहुच पा  रहा हूँ की ज्यादातर लोगो की लड़ाई अन्याय के खिलाफ न होकर फॅमिली ब्रेकिंग पर फोकस हो गयी है ।

कारन बहुत हो सकते है पर सैयद ऐसा कोई भी कारन नहीं हो सकता जो फेमिली को बचाना इतना जरूरी हो गया की अपने अधिकार को ही छोड़ दिया जाये । क्यों न एक बार यह स्वीकार किया जाये की फॅमिली को बचाना मेरा सिर्फ मेरा काम नहीं है फॅमिली सिस्टम को ब्रेक होने दिया जाये एंड अपने खुद के अधिकारों के लिए लड़ा जाये ।

या तो मेरे पास वह दिमाग नहीं जो इस घपलेबाजी को समाज पाये या सैयद अधिकांश लोगों के लिए  अपने अधिकार के महत्व को समजना अभी बाकि है ।

गुरशरण सिंह

Thursday, 10 December 2015


An ADD to sell Pizza.

H - Husband, W- Wife.

H : Show a necklace and tell to wife it is for his Mother.

W : She Reply (while trying pizza) she was on FAST for his LONG LIFE but its broken now.

Looks great add ?

But can you see the KILL THREAT by wife to husband because he purchased necklace for his Mother ?

Yes the add is on TV almost every hour on almost every channel now a days.

Gursharn Singh

Saturday, 5 December 2015


    Today most of Delhi Citizens may or may not be thinking if the vote for the right Govt ? But the question has no meaning because they elect the Govt and they have to stay with it for the remaining period.

    Well I am not in Delhi so may not be in trouble but most of my friends are.

    Trouble is how they will reach to their workplace on alternate days ?

    I am not worrying about those people earning well, they can have two cars, but I am sure Govt is elected by those people who belong to middle class, and one care is their life time dream. Purchasing two car a horrible dream for many.

    I accept the solution given by Govt but there are few questions :

  1.  How friends will reach at work place on alternate days.
  2.  Can metro or bus service can handle the rush, when there is no car on road ?
  3.  What if friend lost his private job because he can't reach office on time ?
  4.  How Arvind Kejriwal & Leaders will go to CM Office on alternate days ?
  5.  Why I would purchase car when more then 15 days I have to keep locked ?
  6.  What will happen with Auto Business in Delhi ?
  7.  What will happen to Banking when there is no scope for Car Loan ?
  8.  What will happen to thousands of Showrooms & workers ?

    Personally I feel the decision by Delhi Govt  may not change anything soon but in long term it going to destroy the business as well as employment.

Gursharn Singh


Tuesday, 1 December 2015


    Just 3 year back I meet an unknown person, he came to me with his problem. For around 1 year he was active enough. With time he came out of mesh and get stable life.

    Where he is now ?

    I don't even know.

    Sunday, A Nice day to take rest. As usual I was trying to sleep. Suddenly get disturbed by ping-ping. It was just #WhatsAPP message, which I choose to ignore.

    After couple of hours, I read the message, just Hi from old friend. Old but not forgotten, yes we meet rarely now, but still live in memories. After a casual hi hello and other formalities, he directly came to the point.

    Around one year back he send one marriage proposal of well educated and working women. Good enough. That time I just ignored, didn't even replied back. No I am not saying I didn't replied him back, I am saying I didn't replied anything about proposal. I choose the best way (mute) to answer.

    Probably he didn't understand the language of silence and asking again. This time I choose to say NO loud enough. Hope the situation wont be back again.

    Well my point is not about marriage proposal or yes or no, but I didn't understand : she is well educated and working women, why she is  still unmarried even after one year. Why didn't she get married with an unemployed men or may be less earning men, there are lakhs of good men (by nature men is good, except a few like me). Sorry again entering in wrong cabin, where I am not allowed. It is #HerChoice to get marry with earning men (may be rich enough, who can pay her). No comment on #HerChoice or #HerVoice.

    But I just wanted to indicate on the wording by which friend tried to convince me. looks like we are just born to marry & kids. A role of #Protector.

    I am just loosing track, just like almost everyone. Today I can see a lot of brother fighting for <something>, calling themselves MRA. Good to see them, read them, meet them. But I never understand why they always talk about Family Protection (not all but most). I can see them discussing why family system in India broken, interestingly they find the answer in well established reason TV Serials, Films etc.

    No I am not against them, but I never understand how family protection is related to #MensRight ? Oh yes family is centre of Indian Society, but if Family can protect #MensRight, Indian History would not rise on Dead bodies of #Men. Looks like MensRight Movement in India is turning into #ProtectFamily Movement or people joining #MensRight movement are not getting proper education and they are confused between #SaveFamily & #MensRight. Their ultimate aim is turned into #SaveFamily.

    They are playing the role of #Protector. Looks like they #Born to protect, just to protect, not to live like #Men. Once these people come out of mesh, they get stable life/family, their aim is over and we wont see them again.

    I just wanted to say these people. Excuse me I don't fight for family protection. Family is nothing but a tool to  Harassment for Men. I wanted to live like Men and for that I need My Rights back.

Gursharn Singh