Saturday, 29 August 2015


Today, Rakshabandan ... ... almost everyone is exsited ... . almost everyone

But WHY I can't understand ... ...

Excitement  for a FEMALE may be fine but for a MALE its questionable. No-One rise the question because from deep inside we all are feminist.

Why Female should he HAPPY :-
  1. Gifts Given by Brothers.
  2. Gift (free bus travel) by Govt.
  3. Gift (additional mahila police stations) by Govt.
  4. Many more schemes from Center & Stat Govt.
Why MALE should not be HAPPY :-
  1. Buy Gifts for SISTERS by hard earned money.
  2. Promise to PROTECT her at any cost, even LIFE too.
  3. Free Travell from Govt .. .. . .. ..  Oh SORRY its MALE so no gift.
  4. More Mhila Thane for ROHTAK-SISTERS & DELHI REDLIGHT LIKE Incidents.

    In short there is nothing for a MALE on RAKSHABANDAN except GIVING. Yes many will argue something like BROTHER-SISTER Love. But I need HAZMOLA to understand if there is love why it should come-out on a specific DAY. Love is matter of everyday nothing special for a DAY.

    The day actually  was started by FEMALE for FEMALE (RAKSHABANDAN is threat on EQUALITY).

    Wake-up there is nothing for MALE today.

Gursharn Singh

Thursday, 27 August 2015


    As per judgment from 'High Court'  .. .. .. a women is not entitled to get maintenence after divorce if she can't control her sex desire.

    I don't know the details of cases but what I know is this judgment is perfact. Yes there are people (feminists) who oppose or atleast disagree with the judgment, but I think its a good judgment.

    Why ?

    Almost everyone know three basic/primary requirements are FOOD, CLOTHS, HOUSE. Yes Sex is also natural, but it comes after dinner. If i have nothing to eat, I even wont think about sex.

    Now if I believe I have enough for three basic requirements, then I can think about sex. But still the question remain is with whom ? Choice is either Live-in or entirely randomly selected person. In both cases one need to be bold enough, at-least in India.

    Now assume a lady find sex partner, then the question rise is, if a lady can find sex-partner why she is not able to find a JOB ? And if she can find JOB why she need money from Ex-Husband ?

    Its surprising she is able to make arrangements for the natural need which is not even primary, but she need to depend on Mr. X for primary needs.

    Nature itself deny SEX if I can't make arrangement for PRIMARY NEEDS, and the hon'ble court just followed the natural justice.

Gursharn Singh

Monday, 10 August 2015


    Yes I am looking for my real enemy.

    But Why ?

    Answer is very simple yet difficult to explain. Just yesterday when i was trying to sleep (a routine for Sunday), suddenly a beep from my mobile awake me. The bad luck was I decided to check the message. Yes now I can say it was my bad luck that I decided to check the message at place of sleeping peacefully.

    Message was long enough and I find it unnecessary to paste here ... .. in short message was to get donation for girl's education. Unnecessary to say the first attempt was trying to delete as soon as possible.

    Just for a moment i though why I should donate for a cause which is not even to provide equal opportunities, irrespective of gender ?

    Soon I get the answer. And answer was YES. Yes I should donate for the education of a specific gender.

    Many (feminist) will be happy from this statement, but as soon as they will read next line a big disappointment waiting for them.

    My view is I should donate for the education of a specific gender, when the gender is MALE.

    Surprised ?

    Yeas dear you understand right. I am talking about donation for boy's education at place of girl's education.

    Happy ?

    No ?

    Let me explain why I should donate for MALE kid's education. Here in India we have a specific mindset as well as social arrangements. See this :

    Here men is projected as oppressor and women as victim,but today when i visit market, I am not talking about big cities, I am talking about small cities or town, what i can see is men wean more clothes then women.

    How the size of cloth can be a measure of society ?

    Yes. It can be specially if I am the same men as projected by almost everyone, How i can allow Ms. X to cross the limit.

    At-least I am not able to understand how this double slandered working within me, one side I have all control on Ms. X and same time I can't stop her wearing or walking almost or half nude.

    Yes someone can say that is what I like to see her, but I find it extreme to say i wanted to see my daughter or sister nude or half nude. If don't believe just try to say something to Mr. Y's sister of daughter, depending on the content it will be difficult to come back home in one peace. Yes this is common here in India, we (excluding me) are ready to protect our sister and mother or any lady at any cost.

    Here society think its men who provide food and other things for family. Yes anyone can object, before that please read this :

    Please show me one case where court said providing is duty of women and men can sit at home.  But I am familiar with a men who is disable and his wife is healthy, till court sent him jail because of he was not able to earn for her maintenance.

    Please introduce me one lady (well educated and earning) who married with unemployed men. Reverse I can show as many as anyone ask.

    Please show me one rich men, who was rejected because of his drinking habits. But I can show many rich men who drink heavy still married. Just because here parents first see the source of income then other things.

    Please introduce me a lady whose solo target is to do something. Yes I know there are few but not more the a handful. Most of ladies don't have any other target then study and marry a rich or earning person.

    Please introduce me a lady who think her father is a bad men just like her husband. Even I know a lady who claim one out of three men is rapist, but her 2 brother and father are saint (my view is out of 3, 1 should be rapist).

    Please show me ... ... ... 

    Please show me ... ... ... 

    Please show me ... ... ...  

    Yes my dear we are living in a society where almost every responsibility is loaded on men, even if the family has dispute the responsibility lie with men only. Still we wanted to ignore men's education and promote women's education ?

    No I don't support this, I don't oppose girl's education but I find boy's education more important and more useful, thats why I can donate for boy's education but deny for girl's education. In-fact I am donating for boy's education from past many years, but now onward I can do it with proper logic and strength.

    And if I fail to do so just because it is not fair for other gender (female), I will do injustice with MALE and i will be biggest enemy of my gender.

    Time to think about girl's education is over, we need to focus on boy's education, specially the education which can help them come out of slavery. Boy need freedom and we can do this together.