Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I Can't allow any women in my private space

    What is more important Right to perform prayer by Women in Shingnapur Shani Dham Temple or Tradition. The War is no more a fight for right given by constitution, but it is a fight for ENTERING INTO PRIVATE SPACE RESERVED FOR MEN.

    Here is what I think :

    Q : Do I against prayer performed by women in Shani Dham Mandir ?

    A : Yes I am.

    Q : Why ?

    A : Looks like its against tradition.

    Q : What is more important Constitution or Tradition ?

    A : It is not same for everyone. Few think Tradition is more Important and Other think Constitution is more Important.

    Q : For Me what is more Important ?

    A : For me Constitution is more Important as a whole. I can't choose just a part and deny rest of it. But I can support the right given over tradition when these condition are fulfilled :
    • Follow Constitution as a whole, not a bit.
    • Give me Gender Neutral Law as suggested by Constitution.
    • Give me religion free Law as given by Constitution.
    • Give me my kids as a whole not just to get money, as Given by Constitution.
    • Give me Men's Right / My Rights as given by Constitution.
    • Give me freedom as given by Constitution.
    • Give me right to live without fear of FakeCases as told by Constitution.
    • Protect me and my innocence, doesn't matter if many criminals are allowed to walk free, as told by constitution.
    •  Etc.
    Q :  It means I am against prayer by women ?

    A : Yes I am. There are lot of things we do as per tradition, let us deny all of them, including those where men not allowed.

    Yes Fight for tradition vs constitution is our own fight because in daily life in courts we are fighting Law based on Tradition. Here are few examples :
  • Maintenance Law (men has to feed).
  • Custody Law (mother care for kids).
  • Dowry Law (Everyone knows).
  • Rape Law (Only women can be victim).
  • Etc.

    I can't allow any women in my private space, and Shingnapur Shani Dham Temple is one of them. A Private place for all MEN.
Unless  we fight against tradition to get own right, out fight is wastage of time.
Tradition is ANTI-MALE

Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

एक था भगत सिंह

मौत आनी है आएगी एक दिन
बस तमन्ना है कुछ क़र्ज़ बाकि न रहे
ना मिटी का ना और किसी का

गुरशरण सिंह

Monday, 25 January 2016

Crime Has No Gender !!

    Crime has no gender, I think statement given by some fool. Just look at this.

1.  In the beginning of 2016 a specific car driving was crime by men, but same car driven by women was empowerment.

2.  After Marriage Physical relation with third women by men is crime, while its a matter of good performance by a lady.

3.  A men can speak with wife in high pitch its domestic violence, same time the same is #HerChoice and symbol of empowerment.

4.  A lie by a men can be crime and non-admissible in court, same done by women is acceptable.

5.  Divorce filled by men is cruelty (HC judgment) and same done by women is her effort to come out of bad relation.


Somewhere I lost the sense of crime. A lot more example can be given to prove that :


Gursharn Singh

Friday, 22 January 2016

Fight for Men's Right is SHAME !!

    MRA Stand for Men's Right Activist ... .... ... .a major contribution come from ACTIVIST .... .... My question is if MRA should be ashamed of talking about men's right ? Specially when talking in a group of people don't even know what men's right is ?

    Most people will answer no, they should speak wherever they get chance, does not matter what the group is.

    I am saying MRA should speak when they are out of their group. What I will gain when speaking with another MRA. Ofcourse I can gain knowledge, but problem is both are MRA & both support Men's Right .. .. .finally discussion going nowhere, except knowledge sharing.

    Why I am rising this question, well because recently when someone from one group shared about ACID-ATTACK and his mission about women's safety from acid attack, I raised the question do you really know how many men get acid attack compare to women. Unfortunate but truth is one of so called victim of women pro Laws asked me not to rise the question because the platform is not meant for such question.

    I am still thinking the platform was good enough to rise a mission about WOMEN'S SAFETY FROM ACID ATTACK but not for right for MEN'S SAFETY FROM ACID ATTACK. Probably we are ashamed of rising our voice. Specially victims they are here just to get help when they are in distress, otherwise deep inside they are ashamed of the part of Men's Right movement.

Fight for Men's Right is SHAME for many.

Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 12 January 2016


    Just 2 days back when I was coming back from my home to my office place, one night spent in Delhi. When going to hotel for night stay, somewhere on red light taxi stopped. Observed two incident :

    INCIDENT 1 : Innova car waiting just next to me, suddenly one bagger came, Lady from Innove give him 10 Rs. The bagger took and moved toward next car.

    INCIDENT 2 : One person with a cap came and started cleaning Innova's glass. He spent available time on cleaning. And finally Lady gave him 2 or may be 3 Rs.

    I am still thinking who get more. Although the second person didn't asked if car need a cleaning, still he didn't asked for money without doing anything.

    Looks Like HARD WORK has no meaning.

Gursharn Singh

Sunday, 3 January 2016


    Somewhere in Tamil Nadu in some tample someone objected on wearing jeans. Right or Wrong I don't care. But I have problems with double standards.

    The following conversation happened today with my own mother. Every word is true just language changed.

G : Myself, M : Mother

M : People trying to implement a specific dress in temple.

G : So what ?

M : Its Wrong. Everyone must be equal in front of God, then how one can be denied just because he is not wearing or wearing a specific dress.

G : When you enter in gurudwara what will happen if you are not covering your head.

M : Pathi (a kind or pujari) or others will ask to cover.

G : Why ?

M : We should not face our guru without respect.

G : They are also trying to do same. They find a specific dress is not proper respect to their GOD or to their relegion.

M : Both are not same thing.

G : Jean and turben both are peace of cloth.

M : You don't know anything.

    I am still confused if my religion has a few restriction I accept it, same time if some other religion put some restriction I find my birth right to object. If i deny all formalities and restriction of my religion I defiantly get right to objects others. Otherwise I have some shortcomings ... ... .. . and that shortcoming is not to nothing but I think what I think is right and what other think is wrong.

Gursharn Singh