Sunday, 3 January 2016


    Somewhere in Tamil Nadu in some tample someone objected on wearing jeans. Right or Wrong I don't care. But I have problems with double standards.

    The following conversation happened today with my own mother. Every word is true just language changed.

G : Myself, M : Mother

M : People trying to implement a specific dress in temple.

G : So what ?

M : Its Wrong. Everyone must be equal in front of God, then how one can be denied just because he is not wearing or wearing a specific dress.

G : When you enter in gurudwara what will happen if you are not covering your head.

M : Pathi (a kind or pujari) or others will ask to cover.

G : Why ?

M : We should not face our guru without respect.

G : They are also trying to do same. They find a specific dress is not proper respect to their GOD or to their relegion.

M : Both are not same thing.

G : Jean and turben both are peace of cloth.

M : You don't know anything.

    I am still confused if my religion has a few restriction I accept it, same time if some other religion put some restriction I find my birth right to object. If i deny all formalities and restriction of my religion I defiantly get right to objects others. Otherwise I have some shortcomings ... ... .. . and that shortcoming is not to nothing but I think what I think is right and what other think is wrong.

Gursharn Singh