Friday, 22 January 2016

Fight for Men's Right is SHAME !!

    MRA Stand for Men's Right Activist ... .... ... .a major contribution come from ACTIVIST .... .... My question is if MRA should be ashamed of talking about men's right ? Specially when talking in a group of people don't even know what men's right is ?

    Most people will answer no, they should speak wherever they get chance, does not matter what the group is.

    I am saying MRA should speak when they are out of their group. What I will gain when speaking with another MRA. Ofcourse I can gain knowledge, but problem is both are MRA & both support Men's Right .. .. .finally discussion going nowhere, except knowledge sharing.

    Why I am rising this question, well because recently when someone from one group shared about ACID-ATTACK and his mission about women's safety from acid attack, I raised the question do you really know how many men get acid attack compare to women. Unfortunate but truth is one of so called victim of women pro Laws asked me not to rise the question because the platform is not meant for such question.

    I am still thinking the platform was good enough to rise a mission about WOMEN'S SAFETY FROM ACID ATTACK but not for right for MEN'S SAFETY FROM ACID ATTACK. Probably we are ashamed of rising our voice. Specially victims they are here just to get help when they are in distress, otherwise deep inside they are ashamed of the part of Men's Right movement.

Fight for Men's Right is SHAME for many.

Gursharn Singh