Monday, 1 September 2014


CONVERSATION 0003 :-- This conversation happen last day in my car while driving to my market.  It based on real incident just name place and language is changed.

Characters : Mr. G & Mr. X

X : ....

G : ...

X : ...

G : ...

X : We must FOCUS on Moral study

G : Why

X : Boys were bad now Girls also going on Same Route.

G : Who told you GIRLS were not bad previously.

X : Experience.

G : Have you seen Porn Site. Lakhs of FEMALES there, are not they GIRLS ?

X : Yes they are.

G : These sites running from decades then how you can say GIRLS were not bad previously.

X : These ladies are DRAGGED in this business by MALES. If MALE stop visiting these ladies there won't be any.

G : DO you like GUNS ?

X : yes.

G : Do you have any ?

X : Its Licensed, not available in OPEN MARKET.

G : Just Like GUNS, If these ladies STOP working as PROSTITUTES there wont be any CUSTOMER.

X : May be TRUE. But I am sure these are not GOOD GIRLS. U will never get any GOOD GIRL on PORN SITES.

G : Why not ? My wife came from reputed family. She has around 10 clips circulating.

X : You did it ?

G : How I can ? She is with her boyfriend in Clips ? He send me Links.

X : Oh !!!

X : There may be a few Cases.

G : Or may be we think these are few cases and Ignore. Why don't you give a try, You may get a few GOOD GIRLS circulating there.

X : Shut-up. Drop me here I will go by AUTO.

Gursharn Singh