Sunday, 10 August 2014


10-Aug-2014, Its rakshabandan today. Should I say Happy Rakshabandan ? From dead memories, I can recall an incident from available history.

Rani Karnavati took up the regency in the name of her elder son Vikramjeet, a weak ruler. In the meantime, Mewar was attacked for the second time by Bahadur Shah of Gujarat, at whose hands Vikramjeet had earlier received an defeat. It was a matter of great concern for Rani. The antagonized nobles were not ready to fight for Vikramjeet and the imminent battle was sure to be another blot in the history of Sisodias. Rani Karnavati wrote to the nobles to come forward for the sake of the honour of the Sisodias, and was able to persuade the nobles to fight for Mewar, if not for Vikramjeet. Their sole condition was that Vikramjeet and Uday Singh should go to Bundi during the war for their personal safety. Rani also sent a Rakhi to Mughal Emperor Humayun, calling him a brother and asking for help. Thus her name became irrevocably linked to the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Why I remember this part of history ? The best answer i can think of is it remind me a job given to us by society, without any reward. Why Rani Karnawati send rakhi ? When she send ? Was it the first time when she send ? Thousands  of question but history is mute. No-one really ready to tell or find the reason, still rakhi is glorified to teach us. Teach What, Why and Who ?

Lord Ram is one of the globally accepted god in Hindu religion. In Ramayana Lord Ram himself accepted Ravan as all time great scholar ( vidvan ). In short what ravan said must be having great meaning. Ravan talk about MAYA used by women to do the job. The same i can see in karnawati and humayu relation, The dark moment of history, which was never told to us. Why Karnawati send at the time, when she was in danger ? Why not next year or next to next year or previous year ? History failed to tell us if the relation was before or continue after this incident. It clear the motive behind was to get help during war by playing emotion game. History tell us she get help, but failed to tell us who paid for the same. Who lost lives in war ?

No history available which can tell me where from rakhi was started and what was real motive but today it is just an emotion game to get free bodyguard so that when time come there will be a person to die in exchange.

Its time to wake-up, we are not toys to play with emotion. Fight but for you and your own right to live. You are not here to die for someone else. Demand of equity (or greater) is on rise, still some females want someone to die for them, why ? Rakshabandan is nothing but a way to GLORIFIED the victims. Its great threat to equality.


This forced equality doesn't stop, thousands example can be seen in daily life :
  1. MALE paying bills in hotel
  2. MALE draging punchered bike on ROAD
  3. MALE droping their seat so that able FEMALE can sit
  6. List is endless 

Gursharn Singh