Monday, 4 August 2014


In Sara kingdom one day a couple was presented in front of king with the allegations that they have physical relation which is not acceptable by citizens of sara as well as by Law. This was a strange case in front of king and he was not able to take decision who is really responsible, the boy or girl. Finally king decided to send the boy out of city to break the relation. Yes king succeed in breaking relation but was it justice served or it was an act to promote injustice (RAGA a collection of short stories).

Many time, many talk about legal and social facts of rape. Many ask for tough law and capital punishment for rapist. Do they really Understand what is rape. Recently I asked from 10 different people if they know which IPC applicable in rape cases and if they can define IPC 376. Unfortunately out of 10, 7 even failed to tell which IPC applicable and only one was able to tell what is IPC 376. And the dark side is out of 10, 6 demanded a tough law.

Scientifically Rape is a kind of sexual intercourse or sexual penetration against individuals without his/her consent. The act may be carried out by physical force or when a person in incapable of giving consent. Scientifically Rape can be classified as :
  1. Of Female
    • By Male (F-M) - This is what in Indian society considered as Rape.
    • By Female (F-F) - Normally termed as Lesbian Rape.
  2. Of Male
    • By Female (M-F) - Indian Society completely deny from this type.
    • By male (M-M) - Indian society still don't accept such rape.
Scientifically rape is considered as PENETRATION but in general rape is accepted as VAGINAL penetration, and that is where, it become as issue of GENDER and people start considering RAPE as CRIME AGAINST WOMEN.

A few ready to accept all four kind of Rape still they consider the first type (F-M) as the most common type. But truth and statistics don't support such believes. At national level statistics not available so we need to look at international level.

CDC study reveal the following facts :
  • F-M :: 20 %
  • M-F :: 4.8 %
  • M-M :: 1 out of 71
  • F-F ::
These statistics  shows although F-M rape are higher then other types still rest can't be ignored, specifically M-F. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, more men are raped in the U.S. than women, according to figures that include sexual abuse in prisons.

In India society consider F-M rape as real rape rest they deny without any reason or survey. Although Indian society & Indian Law consider F-M rape as rape still there are many reports in which male were raped by females.

A Few month back a boy was kidnapped by a group of females for their physical needs, that also is rape but legally justice is denied because IPC 376 applicable on F-M rape.

There are many such cases, unfortunately not only Indian society buy Law Makers also mute. One of the common logic behind this behaviour is M-F rape are rare in India. Although there is no study which show this as fact, still is not this JUSTICE DENIED.

In past few year physical relation between Boy & Girl below 18 year also termed as Rape, without knowing the fact that both were agree. Who is really responsible for such act boy or girl ? 15 year boy has relation with 15 year girl, who is really responsible ? Indian society and Indian Law only consider boy as rapist. Why ? Is not society declaring that girls are immature in 15 year age but boys are mature enough ? If both are equal in society and Law then how only one can be punished by an act of two ?


Gursharn Singh