Monday, 11 August 2014


From History as well as from society we all know girls get married in an age lesser then boys. Question rise WHY ?

The question can't be answered from social or economical understanding. There must be something which we may or may not understand well, but there must be a strong and scientific reason. A number of scientific experiments already has been done. Let us consider one of them.

Get two female age 10 and 22 and two male age 14 and 30. Ask them to sit silently and watch their reaction. Its simple experiment and everyone know the answer.
  1. There is little difference in 22 year old female and 30 year male
  2. A Drastic change can be observed in 10 year old female and 14 year old male.

Where from this difference comes ? Is there any difference in mind structure ? Is that possible female mind has different shape then male mind ? No as per science Male & Female both have similar structure. Still there is difference, the difference can be understood  from mind development study.

Recent study from HARVARD UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SCHOOL reveal that the difference between the brains of adult women and adult women are minor but the difference between girls compare to boys are dramatic.

A similar study by NICKELODEON, UK reveals that men has 11 year lag behind women when it comes to maturity. According to the study the average man doesn't reach full emotional maturity until age 43, while women mature by age 32.

There are many more study available and all confirm that men reach the maturity age after women. There can be dispute in lag period but there can't be any dispute regarding the fact that FEMALE GET MATURITY BEFORE MALE.

The NIH/NIMH study, entitled "Sexual dimorphism of brain developmental trajectories during childhood and adolescence," is printed by Elsevier from the journal NEUROIMAGE, volume 36, number 4, pages 1065-1073, July 15 2007.

Figure below, from the NIH study, shows trajectories of brain development in girls (red line) and boys (blue line), with 95% confidence intervals above and below each line.  The arrow indicates the “inflection point,” roughly the halfway point in brain development. Girls reach the inflection point just before age 11 years; boys do not reach the inflection point until just before age 15 years. A young woman reaches full maturity, in terms of brain development, between 21 and 22 years of age. A young man does not reach full maturity, in terms of brain development, until nearly 30 years of age.

All scientific study shows that female has similar level of development in mind as male, but before them. Now a couple of simple question rise :

(1) 16 year old  girl has physical relation with 16 year old boy. Here the boy is termed as rapist. Why ? Science tell us at this time male is not mature but female is mature enough. Then who is real RAPIST ?

(2) 25 year old female, has relation with 25 year old male. Here male is arrested and termed as RAPIST. Study shows female is mature then male. Why did she entered in physical relation ? Why she was not able to see the side effects ? Why she can't take responsibilities of her own action ?

Our LAW is biased against male. But it is never too late for correcting the mistakes. We need to amend law to build parity with science. Until law is formed based on science Justice can't be served.

Gursharn Singh