Wednesday, 20 August 2014



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SARA the capital of SARA kingdom, the biggest city in north hills, beautiful and naturally rich also. Year 2014, All is not well. Many people involved in crime and many innocents getting punishment, even the king himself is not clean. Sara has a clear definition of crime and its punishment but because of unaware society, judiciary and police it is almost impossible to get justice. It was not always like that long time ago sara was the kingdom well known for its law and implementation, Justice was for everyone at any cost.

A powerful men vikram is king of sara. From past 3000 years vikram and his family rule the kingdom. His family's god is a giant snake RAGA, who believed to be lived 3000 year back in the kingdom. Citizens also believe in RAGA they consider him as their protector of their rights and still the snake protect them. In living memory no-one has seen RAGA, but they believe RAGA stil live in the hole on the top of the hill, which can be seen from the center of city. Many claim they have seen a giant snake, a few claim an old men in hole, but only god knows what they have seen really. People discuss about the existence of old men and snake but no-one was brave enough to reach the hole and check himself, because rumour was no-one came back from hole. The truth was many tried to reach but because of difficult path it was almost impossible to reach the top.


Virat is a richest contractor in sara kingdom. He has personal relation with king vikram. Two year back when he was constructing a bridge, it collapse. From that day he is accused and not allowed to take any govt contract until he get cleared by court. He is fighting a long legal betel.

It is 3rd of September 2014, virat is waiting an old friend in his office. Today morning when he wake-up, he get massage from friend about the meeting. Friend came on time, it was casual meeting but from meeting virat came to know that govt is going to advertise for the biggest tender in past 50 years.

Viract think it is time to move, he can't afford to loose this one. He decided to use his political links. Soon he was sitting with king vikram. Result was promising, although he need to pay huge amount but he may get clearance before he can think of and he was happy. From the day everything changed, before the end of September not only court finalized the entire procedure but also clear him from all charges.

He was free to get tender. Before new beginning he throw a party at his own house, large number of people from political party, judiciary and from his friend circle came their to wish him luck. Late night he entered in his room. He didn't bother to switch on, he just went to bed and sleep. Next morning when his PA came he find him sleeping. It was surprising because virat never sleep after sun rise, also virat himself called this meeting. PA entered in his room. Virat can be seen sleeping on his own bad. Soon PA realize something went wrong he called doctor, who declared him dead.

Virat was found dead in his bad, day after virat was cleared from charges. It was a shocking incident for many. Police officers are working hard to find the reason, soon they noticed a wooden plate near to his bad, having a picture of snake and with text ”RAGA – hero don't live they rise”

Virat is murdered by some unknown who call himself raga was highlight that day. But actually who is raga no-one knows. Even police was not able to find any clue. Some claim their protector RAGA returned back, but they don't have any explanation for the real incident. King vikram was confused one side he was thinking RAGA is their GOD but the same time he was not able to find why their GOD killed him. Their could be thousands suspects but there was no way to find real one, soon case was closed.

The day virat was found dead, a small kid when he was playing, witness an old men on top of hill. The old man was looking toward city from the front of hole. The kid called his parents, his parents called neighbours, soon hundreds of people gather there, still the old man was watching toward city. Soon king vikram also came. It continue for hours. Probably in living memory this was first time when so many people witness the old men. King was trying to relate this incident with virat's murder without any explanation.

Soon everyone forget virat but they remember RAGA.


Gursharn Singh