Friday, 24 February 2017


Bhramha, Vishnu, Mahesh are they real ?

  I purchased a plot  and build a house on it. I played the role of BHRAMHA.

  Daily to fulfil the requirement of house I spend my time as well as money. I played the role of VISHNU.

  Finally one day I destroyed the house, reason may be new construction. I played the role of MAHESH / SHIV.

I find BHRAMA, VISHNU, MAHESH inside me. Surprisingly one gentleman from Maharastra wasting his time for finding BHRAMHA, VISHNU, MAHESH by RTI.

Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Do You Know You Are Not MEN ?

This is a poster from DELHI METRO.

I can't stop Thinking :
  1. PM Modi what he is ?
  2. 50 % Population of #Delhi is really #Shameless. They even Don't fight for their own #Dignity.

Unfortunatly Every Men on METRO Thinking the board / notice / poster is not about him. But it is about the standing next to Him

Dr. Gursharn Singh