Friday, 23 October 2015

मुश्किल है रावण हो जाना

    कल दशहरे का पर्व पुरे हिंदुस्तान मैं मनाया गया । अच्छा लगा परंतु पता नहीं क्यों बहुत लोगों के मेसेज आये की 'आज मुश्किल है रावण हो जाना'

    सहमत हूँ की रावण महान व्यक्तित्व का स्वामी था । सम्भवतया उसके कुछ कृत्य सीमाओं का उलंघन करते हो परंतु उसने ऐसा कोई काम नहीं किया जो मानवता का सर शर्म से झुका दे ।

    आश्चर्य इस बात पर ज्यादा हुआ की आ ज एक साधारण हिंदुस्तानी रावण को बुरा व्यक्ति मानता है तथा सवयं को रावण से भी निचे मानता है ।

    शायद इसका कारन वह सवयं नहीं बल्कि समाज तथा कानून द्वारा हर रोज उसे बुरा कहे जाने की वजह से हुई गलानी है ।  अनयथा हर रोज एक हिंदुस्तानी देश परिवार एंड समाज के लिए कुछ लाभदायक करता हुआ दीखता है ।

  • सरहद पर जो मरा जाता है 
  • सड़क पर आंदोलन कर रहा है
  • परिवार के लिए रिक्शा चला रहा है
  • बच्चों के लिए खून पसीना भ रहा है

    फिर भी खुद को रावण से भी बुरा मानता है क्यों ? यदि वक़्त रहते समाज एंड काननों ने खुद को नहीं बदला तो सैयद यह राम जो हर घर मैं है खिन खो जायेगा हमेशा हमेशा के लिए ।

Gursharn Singh

Thursday, 22 October 2015


    Today at the ocation of Dushera, what we do I don't need to explain. But why we burn Ravan is more important. But today after 40 year, I am surprised why we burn Ravan when we can burn MISANDERY ?

Gursharn Singh


Wednesday, 21 October 2015


    A normal men/women in India believe in ghosts, does not matter if he/she dare to accept. A few may not but most of us deep inside either accept the existence of ghost or at-least they don't deny blankly.

    Not even in India but the entire world accept the existence of super-natural power in one or other form. Accepting the existence of super natural and facing are two different phenomenon. We can discuss or watch a late night TV show freely, but when a ghost come face to face, most will run away or at-least they find it horrifying.

    I am not sure what I will do or what I can do when a ghost come face to face. But Hope the fog may clear very soon. I am far far away from Home, and adopted a routine of calling home 2 time a day sharp 7.30 AM & 6.30 PM. Last night call was normal, but today morning when I called i get the news that 'there is a ghost in our house'.

    Thrilling ... Its a small incident just a small ... . . during night hours around 12 or 12.30 two people (mother & one lady staying with mother) witnessed the knock on a door which was a closed room and locked from outside. The room is used as store room. Both ladies thought may be during day time a thief locked inside so the room was opened and searched in presence of two neighbours. Nothing found but as soon as the room locked there was another knock, this time four witnesses. The same happened 4 or may be 5 times during night hours. Not sure what it was but sometime big incident get small and simple explanations.

    One may try to explain the incident by wind power. The room is closed without window, only a small hole which open inside another room. In short no chance of wind.

    One may try to explain by a small animal like cat or mouse. Mouse may be a good explanation but a door knock by mouse, may be a wild explanation. Yes a cat may be locked inside, unfortunately when searched there was nothing. Still there a chances that when door opened the cat shifted to another room from hole.

    I believe there is a simple explanation, simple but yet powerful. The explanation may be in the fact that room was empty at the time of incident. The room was used as store and just before Diwali almost everything was removed for washing. Somehow the gas pressure may build because of temperature difference that may explode during night hours.

    Hope the explanation may explain the ghost activity, still I am thrilled to visit home as soon as possible. If possible will try to capture.

    Its may be a lucky day and I may know how I will react when see a GHOST!!


Tuesday, 6 October 2015


    Few months back when I was talking with a girl, on the all time hot topic 'Rape', somehow the statistics came into argument that out of 3, 1 man is rapist (survey).

    And the beautiful truth was, she never seen any rapist, at her home, her father & brother are saint, surprisingly husband too. Almost every women has father, brother & husband. If the survey we believe, one out of father/brother/husband must be rapist.

    No I have no concern about the statistics, atleast not now. But my concern is one believe his or her relatives are saint, while all other are criminal, this taught is against humanity. Such statements comes when I am not neutral, and a biased mind can't give me a proper and justified behaviour.

    If she believe most men are rapist, it is her duty to consider her father & brother & every men in her relation.

    Same apply on me too. If i consider domestic violence or rape by women on men, I am duty bound to accept the domestic violence on my father.

    Yes My Mother is Women & she can be accused of Domestic Violence against my Father, doesn't matter if I accept of not.

Gursharn Singh

Sunday, 4 October 2015


    BAIL : Bail is a kind of property deposition to court so that suspect can be released during trail. Bail can be either Anticipatory bail or Regular bail.

    In India granting bail is common but bail may not be offered by some courts under some circumstances, for instance, if the accused is considered likely not to appear for trial regardless of bail. Legislatures may also set out certain crimes to be not bailable, such as capital crimes.

    Anticipatory bail (AB) : Indian criminal law under section 438 has provision for for anticipatory bail. Anyone can seek bail in anticipation of an arrest on accusation of having committed a non-bailable offence. AB is a directive to release a person on bail even before the arrested. In simple words AB is bail in advance or before arrest. The applicant must show by facts and events that he believe, he may be arrested for a non-bailable offence. AB is not blanket order, it is specific for a particular offence. And a few conditions can be imposed as per the facts by magistrate.
    When someone seek AB the opposite part get notification about application and party has right to contest or public prosecutor can do the same.
    Anticipatory Bail can be granted by Sessions Courts,High Courts and Supreme Court. AB is valid as long as it is not cancelled or till the end of trial.

    Regular bail of Bail (RB) : Regular bail is property deposited to a court so that suspect can be release from jail, with the condition that the suspect will return for trial.

    A few important points about Bail
  • SC says AB is valid till the end of trial and there is no need of regular bail.
  • AB can be accepted by Session or High Courts.
  • Once AB is accepted it is necessary to fill bail bonds.
  • Once Charge-sheet is submitted, court can ask for a fresh application to grant Regular bail. That time the best will be convert AB into regular bail otherwise magistrate can send the person into Judicial custody (although SC judgment says AB is valid till the end of trial and there is no need of Regular Bail but practically magistrate ask).
  • RB is normally accepted after AB.

NOTE : SC and HC's have various self contradictory views, intricacies will differ from case to case and for any specific case members are always welcome to attend local chapter meetings.


Thursday, 1 October 2015


    A Day back I had written on BLACK MAGIC.

    Now the question is why I need to write on BLACK-MAGIC ?

    Specially when I don't know what exactly it is, even I am not in position to tell if such thing really exist. Even if i am not in position to tell if I believe in BLACK MAGIC or not. Still i felt I should write on the topic.

    Yes, the answer is media (TV channels). Yesterday early morning when I switched on TV, on ABP NEWS I saw a broadcast (probably LIVE DEBATE). Normally I avoid ABP & NDTV (because both are anti-male) & few more channels, but unfortunately I was busy in other stuff so the channel stayed ON for 2 or 3 minutes.

    What I saw was an anchor with a lady or weeping lady was shouting on a gentleman (from some institute). The issue was about two young ladies (well educated & adult). The lady on TV channel was claiming that her two daughters were kidnapped by an institute (probably NGO), with the help of 'SAMMOHAN'.

    Now what is sammohan, everyone know I don't need to describe. The attitude of Anchor was like he is judge and gentleman from institute is criminal. And the interesting part was JUDGE/ANCHOR was declaring the gentleman a criminal and only proof was the 'lady is WEEPING'.

    In short no logic no argument just judgment that two young ladies were kidnapped by institute with SAMMOHAN. These are the same channel who generally talk against such things like BLACK-MAGIC, SAMMOHAN etc, but when a lady claim with weeping face, the same become ultimate evidence for them.

    I am unable to understand if anchor really believe or understand what is sammohan and how it work. What they want to show ? The something which such news channels declare rubbish, suddenly they start believing to support a weeping lady. Govt of India (or state govt like Rajasthan & Maharashtra) can pass a Law to punish people spreading for spreading words on BLACK-MAGIC but unable to take action against such channel.

    Today our govt or society, not ready to take action against ANTI-MALE attitude, therefore every men is duty bound to stop watching.


Gursharn Singh