Wednesday, 21 October 2015


    A normal men/women in India believe in ghosts, does not matter if he/she dare to accept. A few may not but most of us deep inside either accept the existence of ghost or at-least they don't deny blankly.

    Not even in India but the entire world accept the existence of super-natural power in one or other form. Accepting the existence of super natural and facing are two different phenomenon. We can discuss or watch a late night TV show freely, but when a ghost come face to face, most will run away or at-least they find it horrifying.

    I am not sure what I will do or what I can do when a ghost come face to face. But Hope the fog may clear very soon. I am far far away from Home, and adopted a routine of calling home 2 time a day sharp 7.30 AM & 6.30 PM. Last night call was normal, but today morning when I called i get the news that 'there is a ghost in our house'.

    Thrilling ... Its a small incident just a small ... . . during night hours around 12 or 12.30 two people (mother & one lady staying with mother) witnessed the knock on a door which was a closed room and locked from outside. The room is used as store room. Both ladies thought may be during day time a thief locked inside so the room was opened and searched in presence of two neighbours. Nothing found but as soon as the room locked there was another knock, this time four witnesses. The same happened 4 or may be 5 times during night hours. Not sure what it was but sometime big incident get small and simple explanations.

    One may try to explain the incident by wind power. The room is closed without window, only a small hole which open inside another room. In short no chance of wind.

    One may try to explain by a small animal like cat or mouse. Mouse may be a good explanation but a door knock by mouse, may be a wild explanation. Yes a cat may be locked inside, unfortunately when searched there was nothing. Still there a chances that when door opened the cat shifted to another room from hole.

    I believe there is a simple explanation, simple but yet powerful. The explanation may be in the fact that room was empty at the time of incident. The room was used as store and just before Diwali almost everything was removed for washing. Somehow the gas pressure may build because of temperature difference that may explode during night hours.

    Hope the explanation may explain the ghost activity, still I am thrilled to visit home as soon as possible. If possible will try to capture.

    Its may be a lucky day and I may know how I will react when see a GHOST!!