Thursday, 26 November 2015


    Today almost every intelligent or so called intellectual person trying to say India is no more tolerant. A few showing their anger by returning awards, others giving statements. Almost everyone trying to do something in one or other way.

    So I thought I also should say something.

    Then suddenly I thought, how I can, specially when I am also not tolerant person.

    Yes you read correct I am not tolerant.

    Our Prime Minister, a big and famous men not ready to accept the intolerant behaviour, but I am accepting I am not tolerant. How dare ...

    Can we find one person who appreciate my truth ? I am sure none.

    But the question rise why I am not tolerant. Let me explain.

    From past 6 year Indian Govt, Indian Society, Indian Judiciary, Judge, Police, even a common men like Arvind Kejriwal again and again try to tell me, there is no right for me as a men. I should not fight, I should surrender, and do what they are doing from 100 years. They want me to follow feminists as they are doing, without thinking about MEN.

    But I am not listening, I am fighting, Demanding my rights again and again and again. Its just my intolerance that, I am creating disturbance in well settled life of a men as a KOLHU KA BAIL (कोल्हू का बैल). Luckily I am not alone, many of my brother already with me.

    Yes a few brothers are with me. But I just wanted to know every 8 Minute a men dying why no writer, no actor, no politician, no judge returning their award ? Why no statement to stop these murders ?

Gursharn Singh

Monday, 23 November 2015


    Here I am writing what I saw and what I observed in my life during last 6 year. No I am not talking about my own life, but I want to write about a men or more correctly a men without own wisdom.

    I belong to a family where I get responsibility only after Father's Death. Father was having a piece of agriculture land, which belong to mother now. Usually I visit the land with father. There was a family who took care of daily cores at land, I am writing about son of the family.

    The family had a beautiful and happy life, which I would prefer to replace with mine if possible. Unfortunately time or god don't allow us.

    The Family i am talking about has two son, one was married when i first meet them. The other son was unmarried, charming, living in village but working in city. In short very hansom and healthy boy with black glasses always.

    In couple of year he got married, very next year they got separated  from joint family. Reason as I came to know his wife don't allow him to stay in joint family. At the time of separation he get his share from agriculture land, house etc. Personally i feel he get more then enough for a decent life.

    Just last week (after 2 year) I went to meet the family, There i meet the young & handsome boy ... . .. oh sorry young but no-more handsome. In just 2 year he lost his entire health. Now he is nothing but a week young men. The young & Healthy men with black glasses now lost somewhere.

    I am forced to think finally what he achieved by getting marriage. Why did he separated out from joint family ? Who forced him to separate out ?

    Unfortunately I know the source of poison, still I can't speak.

Gursharn Singh

Saturday, 21 November 2015


    Six year back one night suddenly I lost my father. Yes it was sudden & unexpected. What i learn was we have a short time to do something useful. I tried to do what i think may be useful. I learn how to live, i learn how to fight when in disaster.

    Just last week suddenly we lost Manuj. Again it was unexpected & sudden. Couple of days back when manuj told he is coming to India & we will celebrate IMD at grand scale, it was just a reminder for me to start preparing and we did what we could.

    His sudden death again give me a reminder that life is short, just LIVE it.

Gursharn Singh

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


    It is heart breaking that Great MRA & Founder DAMAN Welfare Society, Manuj Gupta left us just before the International Men's Day 2015.

    The loss is non--recoverable. I salute to his luck because he died for the same reason he lived. His life was dedicated for Men's Right and his last journey was also for the greatest cause of Men's Right (International Men's Day Celebration in kurukshetra, Haryana).

    A part of my life is taken back.

Anupam Dubey & Manuj Gupta (brown shirt)

Gursharn Singh

Monday, 16 November 2015


A true conversation between me and mother. True but noone really ready to understand that I have my own life to live.

Mother has a plot near residential house. Ocationally i visit to check if everything is fine. Last evening also visited the society and obseeved that a number of new houses are under construction. When i came back told the same.

G : A lot of new buildings coming up near to the plot.

M : Yes i was telling soon it will be a nice place to live. We will also build soon.

G : It may take 10 year or more before one can live there.

M : Does not matter our plot is big enough to build a kothi (a big and fancy house).

G : Don't think too much about plot or property noone can take it with him.

M : I am thinking about you.

G : I can think myself about me.

M : I am your mother ... .. I have to ...

G : I am big enough to take care of myself. You just enjoy your life. Live it as you like.

M : Grr ... ... (evening)

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ... (morning)

Its more then 12 hour still relation are tensed ... ... no hope to be normal soon.

Looks like i have to live as others like not as I like. Don't know when others will understand I have my own life to live I am not slave. Personally i came out of nest and no scope of going back. Tension continue ... ... continue ... continue ... .. and one day goodbye forever.

Gursharn Singh