Monday, 23 November 2015


    Here I am writing what I saw and what I observed in my life during last 6 year. No I am not talking about my own life, but I want to write about a men or more correctly a men without own wisdom.

    I belong to a family where I get responsibility only after Father's Death. Father was having a piece of agriculture land, which belong to mother now. Usually I visit the land with father. There was a family who took care of daily cores at land, I am writing about son of the family.

    The family had a beautiful and happy life, which I would prefer to replace with mine if possible. Unfortunately time or god don't allow us.

    The Family i am talking about has two son, one was married when i first meet them. The other son was unmarried, charming, living in village but working in city. In short very hansom and healthy boy with black glasses always.

    In couple of year he got married, very next year they got separated  from joint family. Reason as I came to know his wife don't allow him to stay in joint family. At the time of separation he get his share from agriculture land, house etc. Personally i feel he get more then enough for a decent life.

    Just last week (after 2 year) I went to meet the family, There i meet the young & handsome boy ... . .. oh sorry young but no-more handsome. In just 2 year he lost his entire health. Now he is nothing but a week young men. The young & Healthy men with black glasses now lost somewhere.

    I am forced to think finally what he achieved by getting marriage. Why did he separated out from joint family ? Who forced him to separate out ?

    Unfortunately I know the source of poison, still I can't speak.

Gursharn Singh