Thursday, 26 November 2015


    Today almost every intelligent or so called intellectual person trying to say India is no more tolerant. A few showing their anger by returning awards, others giving statements. Almost everyone trying to do something in one or other way.

    So I thought I also should say something.

    Then suddenly I thought, how I can, specially when I am also not tolerant person.

    Yes you read correct I am not tolerant.

    Our Prime Minister, a big and famous men not ready to accept the intolerant behaviour, but I am accepting I am not tolerant. How dare ...

    Can we find one person who appreciate my truth ? I am sure none.

    But the question rise why I am not tolerant. Let me explain.

    From past 6 year Indian Govt, Indian Society, Indian Judiciary, Judge, Police, even a common men like Arvind Kejriwal again and again try to tell me, there is no right for me as a men. I should not fight, I should surrender, and do what they are doing from 100 years. They want me to follow feminists as they are doing, without thinking about MEN.

    But I am not listening, I am fighting, Demanding my rights again and again and again. Its just my intolerance that, I am creating disturbance in well settled life of a men as a KOLHU KA BAIL (कोल्हू का बैल). Luckily I am not alone, many of my brother already with me.

    Yes a few brothers are with me. But I just wanted to know every 8 Minute a men dying why no writer, no actor, no politician, no judge returning their award ? Why no statement to stop these murders ?

Gursharn Singh