Monday, 29 June 2015


    Once a great person told me : 

    "Follow me but with Open Eyes"

    I was a kid may not be able to understand what he was trying to tell. Even I understand this at the age of 40 Year. The understanding didn't came without reason, I understand after an incident.

    Couple of days back when i was toggling TV Channels suddenly I saw an add on F**** News Channel where channel was asking Selfie with daughters (Only Daughters not Kid). It remind me my childhood. I grow-up with two sisters. Once it happened that one or both sister (can't recall) went to some relative for marriage function but because of exam I could not. I stayed back but my all attention was in marriage only.

    I was lucky that i born and grow when social media and mobile was not available. But what if my Father or Mother try to get  selfie with sisters and post it somewhere on social media but for me a complete denial ?

    I was shocked to see the add on F***** News but I get really shocked when our PM Mr. N. Modi asked the same and lakhs of parents posted selfie without even thinking how their kids will respond to this ?

    Once I was Kid thats why I can think what a Male Kid will think about his sister as well as his parents. He may not speak but the dark is long life.

    Hope God will help him and He will understand we are not living in Free Society but living in a Society where most of us are BLIND FOLLOWERS.

    I am ashamed that I elected ... ... ... ...

    It is time When We should Choose #SelfieWithKids over #SelfieWithDaughter

Gursharn Singh

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


PERJURY -- In simple words a man/women lied (he must know he/she is lying) after taking oath or when testifying in court through legal/affidavit document. Important point to be remember is the lie should be of the nature which can affect justice. In short there are three points which can attract perjury :

  • The statement should be when witness is bound by oath.
  • Witness must know that he/she is lying.
  • The lie should be of the nature that it can affect justice.

Examples :
  • Lie about marriage ... 
  • Income of any spouse 
  • List of articles given during marriage 
  • False witness about the presence of at certain place, date and time.
  • Lie about employment. Specially in CrPC 125.
  • Date and Time of some Incident.
  • Date and Time about Last Stay together.
  • Two contradictory statements

    Important in every lie can't attract perjury, specially those lies which can't affect the justice. For example :--
  • I am 40 year old but actually I am 42 year old. Now this can't attract perjury (it can where the age matter like juvenile crimes).
  • I have 3 yr experience in C++, JAVA ... but actually I have 5 yr experience
  • I Drink Wine regularly .... but actually I drink occasionally.


BAR of CrPC 195 ::  In CrPC 195 any private complaint dealing with offences under section 192, 193 ... 196, 199, 200, 2005, 206 ... 211. When such offenses have been committed complain can be moved to the same court or higher court.

CrPC 340 and CrPC 341 :: Court can suo-motto if court/magistrate fee it is miscarriage of justice or court can take action on an application.


NOTE :: Punished can be upto seven years or upto 10 year if perjury was committed to bring the accused to imprisonment of life or death penalty.

Gursharn Singh

Sunday, 7 June 2015


    I am living in a society which don't loose single chance to speak and spread hate against Men. Recently Mr. X had give public statement that Any Women can Kill Men to save herself from Rape and there won't be any Murder Case. This statement not only given by a person siting at higher position but the fact which make it serious is : 

    1. Murder in Self Defence is not only for Female but equally apply on Male too. What If I kill wife & Family to protect me & my family  ?

    2. Today more then 70 % Rape cases are not real they are Fake. Does that mean these 70 % men should kill women to protect himself from Fake Rape Case ?

    3. This person is appointed to protect society (Male & Female both part of society) not to protect Female only. But his intention is clear.

    4. Mr. X is posted at a position where he must study or Learn Law. Yes there is a Clause for Murder in Self Defence but it is not as simple as he said in his statement. First check the following :
        a) Plz check this clause applicable only when Life in Danger.
        b) Plz check court has to decide if this clause applicable.
        c) Plz check who is responsible to prove the applicability of clause.
        d) ...
        e) ...

    But my worry is not Legal but my worry is about Mindset. Mr. X has a mind in which Female is Angel and Male is Evil and there are lakhs of such people around me. And I need protection from such people.

    Before this statement a lady could blackmale me by saying "PAY ...... or be ready for fake RAPE CHARGES"

    After this statement any lady can blackmale me by saying "PAY .... or I will KILL you and enjoy FREEDOM by claiming You was RAPIST"

    Yes I need protection from such ladies but first I need protection from SUCH PEOPLE.

Gursharn Singh