Monday, 25 January 2016

Crime Has No Gender !!

    Crime has no gender, I think statement given by some fool. Just look at this.

1.  In the beginning of 2016 a specific car driving was crime by men, but same car driven by women was empowerment.

2.  After Marriage Physical relation with third women by men is crime, while its a matter of good performance by a lady.

3.  A men can speak with wife in high pitch its domestic violence, same time the same is #HerChoice and symbol of empowerment.

4.  A lie by a men can be crime and non-admissible in court, same done by women is acceptable.

5.  Divorce filled by men is cruelty (HC judgment) and same done by women is her effort to come out of bad relation.


Somewhere I lost the sense of crime. A lot more example can be given to prove that :


Gursharn Singh