Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I Can't allow any women in my private space

    What is more important Right to perform prayer by Women in Shingnapur Shani Dham Temple or Tradition. The War is no more a fight for right given by constitution, but it is a fight for ENTERING INTO PRIVATE SPACE RESERVED FOR MEN.

    Here is what I think :

    Q : Do I against prayer performed by women in Shani Dham Mandir ?

    A : Yes I am.

    Q : Why ?

    A : Looks like its against tradition.

    Q : What is more important Constitution or Tradition ?

    A : It is not same for everyone. Few think Tradition is more Important and Other think Constitution is more Important.

    Q : For Me what is more Important ?

    A : For me Constitution is more Important as a whole. I can't choose just a part and deny rest of it. But I can support the right given over tradition when these condition are fulfilled :
    • Follow Constitution as a whole, not a bit.
    • Give me Gender Neutral Law as suggested by Constitution.
    • Give me religion free Law as given by Constitution.
    • Give me my kids as a whole not just to get money, as Given by Constitution.
    • Give me Men's Right / My Rights as given by Constitution.
    • Give me freedom as given by Constitution.
    • Give me right to live without fear of FakeCases as told by Constitution.
    • Protect me and my innocence, doesn't matter if many criminals are allowed to walk free, as told by constitution.
    •  Etc.
    Q :  It means I am against prayer by women ?

    A : Yes I am. There are lot of things we do as per tradition, let us deny all of them, including those where men not allowed.

    Yes Fight for tradition vs constitution is our own fight because in daily life in courts we are fighting Law based on Tradition. Here are few examples :
  • Maintenance Law (men has to feed).
  • Custody Law (mother care for kids).
  • Dowry Law (Everyone knows).
  • Rape Law (Only women can be victim).
  • Etc.

    I can't allow any women in my private space, and Shingnapur Shani Dham Temple is one of them. A Private place for all MEN.
Unless  we fight against tradition to get own right, out fight is wastage of time.
Tradition is ANTI-MALE

Gursharn Singh