Tuesday, 9 February 2016


True Story : Recently I visited the court where I was forced to settle the case registered under section IPC 498A & 406. Although this didn't worked, still I prefer to record a few arguments or logic given by judge sahiba.

LOGIC : Elder parents visiting court many times a year is insult, I should think about them.

REPLY : Not one but many :
  • Why this question rise after 6 year, why not on first hearing ?
  • Its not my fault but its Govt & Court who forced elder innocent parents to stand as accuse in court because of false cases.
  • Fighting for Justice how it can be insult ?
  • If standing in court is Insult why court exist, close it ?
  • Parents are not just to rise children, they need to present themselves as role model in need.
  • Every person present in Court is not criminal, they are here because court is a body where innocent present themselves to protect their right and serve justice.

Gursharn Singh