Monday, 16 November 2015


A true conversation between me and mother. True but noone really ready to understand that I have my own life to live.

Mother has a plot near residential house. Ocationally i visit to check if everything is fine. Last evening also visited the society and obseeved that a number of new houses are under construction. When i came back told the same.

G : A lot of new buildings coming up near to the plot.

M : Yes i was telling soon it will be a nice place to live. We will also build soon.

G : It may take 10 year or more before one can live there.

M : Does not matter our plot is big enough to build a kothi (a big and fancy house).

G : Don't think too much about plot or property noone can take it with him.

M : I am thinking about you.

G : I can think myself about me.

M : I am your mother ... .. I have to ...

G : I am big enough to take care of myself. You just enjoy your life. Live it as you like.

M : Grr ... ... (evening)

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ...

M : Grr ... ... (morning)

Its more then 12 hour still relation are tensed ... ... no hope to be normal soon.

Looks like i have to live as others like not as I like. Don't know when others will understand I have my own life to live I am not slave. Personally i came out of nest and no scope of going back. Tension continue ... ... continue ... continue ... .. and one day goodbye forever.

Gursharn Singh