Wednesday, 10 February 2016


True Story : Recently I visited the court where I was forced to settle the case registered under section IPC 498A & 406. Although this didn't worked, still I prefer to record a few arguments or logic/arguments given by judge sahiba. Words may change a little bit because of language.
J : You and your elders should sit and solve the matter. I am sending this matter for meditation.
G : This is wastage of time because :
  • The matter already went for meditation two times.
    • First time when file was in meditation, I traveled 3 times from vishakapatnam to Sri Ganganagar (2500 km), which cost me more then 30000 /- and opposite didn't bother to travel 60 km.
    • Second time opposite moved to HC of Rajasthan with an application of meditation, again I traveled from vishakapatnam to Jodhpur (2800 km), which cost me more then 20000 /- again opposite didn't bother to travel  300 km. 
  • Now my interest is only in getting justice and making sure the punishment for opposite for misusing Law, and any meditation wont serve the purpose.
J : Still I have not arranged any meditation, therefore I am sending. When you can come for meditation.

G : 16 March.

J : Ok make sure both parties appear.

After 10 or 15 minute.

J : Why you need to visit on 16 March 2016.

G : I have to record my statement in District Court.

J : Divorce Case.

G : No. Case Registered in Drug Act.
J : Drug Act ?
G : Yes Drug Act. I am Shikayat-Karta.
J : What is stage in that case.
G : I don't know. Case is State vs ... .. I am just shikayat-karta.

When I came out of Court, to one of the Lawyer

J : ADDIYAL hai.

Gursharn Singh