Thursday, 25 February 2016


    Railway Going to provide 33 % reservation for women. What does that mean ?

    Every women will get confirmed seat, but I wont get. Because my crime is I am MALE. I have a few questions from Railway :

  • Where is SC/SC quota ?
  • Where is OBC quota ?
  • where is NRI quota ?
  • Where is JAAT quota ?
  • Where is Sikh quota ?
  • Where is RAJPUT quota ?
  • Where is ... ?
  • Where is ... ?

    Although I stopped presenting my seat for women except under special circumstances like aged / pregnant / hurt male / females. But today I am forced to decide not to offer my seat (if i get) to any women under any circumstances.

Sorry ladies GOVT already give you special right, still if you are standing in rail you don't deserve a seat.

Gursharn Singh