Sunday, 28 February 2016


        This happened just 2 days back, when I was enjoying tea with a couple of friends. Suddenly in a discussion one of the friend (Mr. V) said all relation exist because of marriage. Now because this was a new and unexpected turn, i need to force why ? For a moment it looks correct, even for most of us this is true forever. But when we think deeply is it true ?

        I would says it is the basis behind the slavery, which men not ready to leave. My view is all relation exist because of sex (here I am not talking about those real relations which we call as friends) not because of marriage.

        Thousands of year back, even before that, in the beginning of human race, there was no society and no marriage, still human race move forward. The existence of marriage was accepted after hundreds of generation. But the physical relation exist even from the first day of human race. Then how human race exist because of MARRIAGE ?

        The institution of Marriage was adopted because of two main reasons. First one was dividation of work. In this process whoever proved himself strong enough for outdoor jobs like arranging food (hunting and latter farming) and other necessary things, were MALE and indoor work goes to FEMALES. And second reason can be a permanent arrangement for sex and shelter. Anyway in due time these relation turned into marriage.

        Today most of us think MARRIAGE is the only relation, but truth is MARRIAGE is just an opted and UNNATURAL relation, the real and NATURAL relation come out of child birth. No animal on planet Earth accept marriage except men, still they exist with all kind of relation. If someone has dough come and see four puppies born in my office. 

        Yes I know most of us will defend marriage on the name of Holiness or society norms. For this so called holy institution a men is ready to drop his all rights to do this slavery, even not ready to accept he is slave. So how an institution can be HOLY ? Is it really holy and progressive or just a way to get free SLAVE  ?

Human Race & Relation exist even before the marriage and will exist once the institution break down.

Gursharn Singh