Friday, 12 February 2016


True Story : Recently I visited the court where I was forced to settle the case registered under section IPC 498A & 406. Although this didn't worked, still I prefer to record a few arguments or logic/arguments given by judge sahiba. Words may change a little bit because of language.

J : The case is running from many years. A lot of time  wasted.

G : I didn't wasted time. It is govt & Judiciary who sported False Cases and waste lot of time and Money. Still I don't feel if a single second was wasted because :
  • For me only thing matter is what I did during past 6 year :
    • in 2010 I was having 5 or 6 friends. Today I have more then 50000 links. Out of 50000 around 10000 are people I can call anytime.
    • Out of 10000, if not much 2000 are close friends.
    • Out of 2000, if not much 500 I can consider real friend, who can come forward to help me anytime.
    • In short last 6 year was more productive then initial 34 years.
  • For me it is more important what I learn during past 6 year : 
    • in 2010 I was a focused men, focused but just for one task, and that is Science and Computer.
    • Today I am focused and multitasking men. I know science, Law, Computer, Networking, Android, etc.
    •  Today I know how to spend free time, earlier most of my time was only for science or computer. But Today my time spending activities are much more wide and social.
  • For me it is more important what I see during past 6 year :
    • In 2010 I just saw home and office, for me almost everyone was a great men.
    • Today I see much more then what is open. I can see what is under the skin.

Overall I think my last 6 year life was more productive the previous 34 year. So where I lost time ?

Gursharn Singh