Monday, 25 August 2014


CONVERSATION 0001 :-- This conversation happen just a couple of days back in a bus during short journey.  It based on real incident just name place and language is changed.

Characters : Mr. X, Ms. Y & Mr. G

X to G : Can you please give your seat to Ms. Y.

G to X : Why not.

G to Y : Are u sick ?

Y to G : No. Why ?

G to Y : Are you 50 year old ?

Y to G : Shut up ... can not you see I am young

G to X : Hey Mr. X you are not fit for the generation. From past many years females demanding equality ... . .but people like you are forcing them to feel special ... . today females want to strugle but people like you not allowing. AM i right Ms.Y.

Y to G : Ya its right.

G to Y : Then what are you waiting for just go back and stand like everyone else. See there is somespace go now.

Gursharn Singh