Monday, 25 August 2014



Many times we saw news about crime against men on some news channel, but it never highlighted. Its just background news when some panel discussing crime against women. No-one really notice such news.

Why ?

Most of media channel and print media head are male, still news about male is in background why ?

Is it because they hate same gender or they love opposite gender ?

There may be thousands reason behind but today I witnessed one incident which I would like to share.

This article in not to discuss about media but its just my experience :

9.15 AM Canteen :: As usual I was taking breakfast with friends and one of them was reading news paper. The front page news was about an AIRPORT in vishakapatnam, A.P. The same news is on front page from past 4 or 5 days. An unusual comment by friend : these media people are fools they are giving same news from past many days. I am getting bored by reading same news from past few days.

There is nothing special in this conversation its obvious after telangana, rest of A.P. has to be taken care and an airport may be useful (although vizag already has one, but it may be extended).

There is nothing special about this news but still i was thinking why one person get bored when reading one news everyday, but the same person get excited when discuss or read a news about rape or sexual hrashment almost everyday.

Few month back in vizag when a lady complain about harassment by shop keeper, the news was in almost every paper for more then a week continuously (finally it was found false). That time no-one get bored topic was in hot discussion almost everyday. Nirbhaya was in papers almost everyday for few months and no-one get bored. But a simple news can be boaring if published 2 or 3 times. Badayu Rape Kand was in paper almost every day for more then a month. There are many example where crime against women reported many days and no-one get bored reading same.


Is there any problem with our mind ? 

Is our mind programmed to behave like this ? 

Who program mind to be anti-male ? 

Who is really responsible ?

Still searching how the programming can be changed effectively.

Gursharn Singh