Thursday, 28 August 2014


Early Morning, I wake-up with a sense of HAPPINESS. Why ? I don't have any answer but there are moment when I feel happy or relaex without any reason. With a cup of tea I start think when was the last time when I felt relaxed. After sometime I start think what was the HAPPIEST moment of my LIFE.

39 Year back I was born as MALE in my family, after two FEMALES. Probably that was the first day when I was HAPPY enough. Why ? I don't know may be because of chearing sounds from outside or may be because of the sound of metals plates.

(In north India when any male took birth its common to create metal sound, why the sound, it probably related to war, in old time this was used as information that one more PROTECTOR/YODHA has born)

Reason can be any, but that was my HAPPIEST day. I can't comment on my sisters birth, probably that was their happiest moment, but no comment or may be some other time.

What happen after that ? Why I called the day as HAPPIEST day ? Does that mean rest of LIFE was DOOMED ? No there are thausands of moment when I feel happy but today when i think about past I found the moment as the HAPPIEST moment. There are many reason behind that.

After Birth a couple of year just passed without any motive ... probably there was no motive or I was not enough inteligent to understand the responsiblities waiting for me. One good day I joined a school nearby. It was nearby still too far, I was not intrested still I was forced by love and bribe to sit and study.

Only one person can be luck to get top position in class and I was born with enough luck. Well those were the day when I was having option either to play with friends or to study to stay on first position in class. I choose to study. Why ? There can be many answer but today I feel there was a deep rooted sense that I have to earn for my family and for that I need to perform good during education. I know its not good but its BITTER TRUTH of Indian society where the earning responsiblity is on MALE CHILDS.

Next 20 year When I was busy with my books, time was slipping from hand like sand. Suddenly I reallize that education is over now time to search a decent Job, which not only fulfill my family requirements but also can satisfy me and my hobies. Luck again smile on me and I was blessed with a job within one year. Although the job was enough for me and my family also it was enough to satisfy my hobies/nature. But the one year time period teach me only one thing I should not bother about my hobies but I should be focused on the needs of family.

I could not say it was my golden period but I was not bad either. Many time neighbours use my name in examples to teach their own kids. Today I think was that good .. .if one kids become like me can that be good or parents let their kids grow in their own shell ? 

Almost everyone was happy with me. One day suddenly entire socity was standing against me. Everyone was thinking as I was a BORN CRIMINAL. Why ? Why they forget that they used my name as example for their kids ? Where was that IDEA person ? What wa reality the IDEA MEN or the BORN CRIMINAL ? I never find answer.

Time is good teacher and time teach me my leason in hard way, but in time. Today I can say The only HAPPIEST moment of my life was the moment when i took birth, rest of my life I was working for one and only one task to FEED my family. This is not natural but this is expected by my society. The only moment when I live without expection was just after birth and the HAPPIEST MOMENT. 

Rest of the life I wasted because I am MEN.

Gursharn Singh