Wednesday, 24 September 2014

CONVERSATION 0004 : Boys Misbehave with Ladies

CONVERSATION 0004 :-- This conversation happen just a couple of hours back with a lady on mobile. It based on real incident just name place and language is changed.

Characters : Mr. G & Ms. X

X : ....

G : ...

X : ...

G : ...

X : You know boys, when & wherever they saw a lady they start misbehaving.

G : How many times in your life, upto now you have seen such boys.

X : Not necessarily me. But there are many example.

G : Examples in your friends.

X : Not but almost everywhere.

G : How many boys you have at your home ?

X : What ?

G : How many brother you have ?

X : One.

G : So he misbehave with you.

X : Grrrr... He is my brother.

G : May be with other ladies ?

X : Hmm hmmm .... .. He he is very decent person.

G : Just because he is your brother ?

X : I have seen him from past 20 years, he is much better GENTELMAN then you.

G : What about your FATHER ?

X : ..... ....

G : Ok. he is also gentelman. What about your neighbours SON.

X : Never heard anything about him.

G : I am surprised where all those BAD BOYS hiding right now.

X : See we don't know everyone.

G : If you don't know me that doesn't mean I am BAD BOY.


G : Why I need any judgment about my chracter from you. When even you blankly give a statement and now you are not able to recall one single LIVE example. 

G : Whatever example you can give is HEARD from someone. Every thing we HEAR is not TRUE. Once i heard about a SNAKE who can turn his SHAPE/BODY (ichhadhari naag) but no one has seen so far. Should I believe such things, just because I Heard ?

X : These two are different matter. Why any girl ...... 

G : Stop this nonsense. Girls are not from MARS, if a boy can speak false, why a lady can't ?

G : Is there any CHEMICAL LOCHA which stop then speaking FALSE ?

X : ... ....

G : ...

X : ....

G : ....

Gursharn Singh