Thursday, 11 September 2014



It was january 1st, virat was killed more then 2 month back. Although viract was richest and well known person, still most people forget him within 2 months. Reason can be many but biggest reason is Old men on hill.

Aasif, a well known lawyer in his community also legal adviser of virat. He was known not only for his knowledge about Law but also known for amending legal fight for accused's benifit with the help of links for money. He played important role in many criminal cases, mostly he fight for money but there were a few cases where he really fight for justice. But that time is gone, now Aasif fight for money.

1st of January he was coming back from a meeting with one of client where he was expecting a lot of money as fee. Meeting goes well still today was not a good day for him. When he was driving on an empty road, suddenly he was forced to stop his car. Somehow all four tyres blasted, he could not drive so he decided to walk till he get taxi. On the road it was almost imposible to get texi but he was expecting from next taxi-stand which was around 3 km.

In next 1 hr he was almost at texi stand but he find it difficult to move without water, he stoped in front of small hut, which was there for social welfare. He could see a men sitting behind a small window, ready to serve water but he was not able to see his face, even he was not interested. Although the hut and water was for social wellfare but he paid his contribution and moved toward taxi stand. As soon as Aasif moved from small hut, the person sitting behind small window came out and start walking in oposite direction, soon he was not visible anywhere.
7th January, Aasif is not feeling well, he decide not to go office and sleep at home, because he wated to be fit before next day. Next day he was having important case at critical stage. He was expecting to be well before next day, but the next day never came. Next day was worst, he was not even able to come out of bed. Best doctors of city examined him but every report, every diagnostics was telling he is ok, still his body was telling otherwise. 7th January was last day when he come out of his room. 9th July early morning Aasif was found dead.
Almost everyone was convienced about the loss because of bad health. Soon soon a news travel in city that at Aasif's last resing place someone has tagged 'RAGA'. Noone knows who and why ? But now noone was ready to accept his death because of health. With the news fear was also travelled in city that RAGA has done second murder but noone knows how ?

The same day when RAGA was noticed, in a small room at outer part of city one can see the same young men, who give water to Aasif when he was walking on road in search of taxi. He was alone. A glass bottle, a chemical inside can be seen on small table, tagged NEPTHA (neptha a chemical which can cause death of a person without appearing in diagnostic). The young men writing in a diary about NEPTHA and about death of Aasif. He write in detail how he mixed NEPTHA in water, how NEPTHA was never discovered in aasif's blood and never cured by medical science and finally killed him. After finishing diary he locked diary and glass bottle in a box, came out of room locked well and start walking toward city. Soon he was not visible anywhere, he was lost in city.

The day RAGA was found on Aasif's resting place, the old men again came out from hole on top of hill. People were linking the old men and RAGA, but noone know who is RAGA and how he is connected with the old men.

Gursharn Singh