Saturday, 29 August 2015


Today, Rakshabandan ... ... almost everyone is exsited ... . almost everyone

But WHY I can't understand ... ...

Excitement  for a FEMALE may be fine but for a MALE its questionable. No-One rise the question because from deep inside we all are feminist.

Why Female should he HAPPY :-
  1. Gifts Given by Brothers.
  2. Gift (free bus travel) by Govt.
  3. Gift (additional mahila police stations) by Govt.
  4. Many more schemes from Center & Stat Govt.
Why MALE should not be HAPPY :-
  1. Buy Gifts for SISTERS by hard earned money.
  2. Promise to PROTECT her at any cost, even LIFE too.
  3. Free Travell from Govt .. .. . .. ..  Oh SORRY its MALE so no gift.
  4. More Mhila Thane for ROHTAK-SISTERS & DELHI REDLIGHT LIKE Incidents.

    In short there is nothing for a MALE on RAKSHABANDAN except GIVING. Yes many will argue something like BROTHER-SISTER Love. But I need HAZMOLA to understand if there is love why it should come-out on a specific DAY. Love is matter of everyday nothing special for a DAY.

    The day actually  was started by FEMALE for FEMALE (RAKSHABANDAN is threat on EQUALITY).

    Wake-up there is nothing for MALE today.

Gursharn Singh