Thursday, 27 August 2015


    As per judgment from 'High Court'  .. .. .. a women is not entitled to get maintenence after divorce if she can't control her sex desire.

    I don't know the details of cases but what I know is this judgment is perfact. Yes there are people (feminists) who oppose or atleast disagree with the judgment, but I think its a good judgment.

    Why ?

    Almost everyone know three basic/primary requirements are FOOD, CLOTHS, HOUSE. Yes Sex is also natural, but it comes after dinner. If i have nothing to eat, I even wont think about sex.

    Now if I believe I have enough for three basic requirements, then I can think about sex. But still the question remain is with whom ? Choice is either Live-in or entirely randomly selected person. In both cases one need to be bold enough, at-least in India.

    Now assume a lady find sex partner, then the question rise is, if a lady can find sex-partner why she is not able to find a JOB ? And if she can find JOB why she need money from Ex-Husband ?

    Its surprising she is able to make arrangements for the natural need which is not even primary, but she need to depend on Mr. X for primary needs.

    Nature itself deny SEX if I can't make arrangement for PRIMARY NEEDS, and the hon'ble court just followed the natural justice.

Gursharn Singh