Saturday, 5 December 2015


    Today most of Delhi Citizens may or may not be thinking if the vote for the right Govt ? But the question has no meaning because they elect the Govt and they have to stay with it for the remaining period.

    Well I am not in Delhi so may not be in trouble but most of my friends are.

    Trouble is how they will reach to their workplace on alternate days ?

    I am not worrying about those people earning well, they can have two cars, but I am sure Govt is elected by those people who belong to middle class, and one care is their life time dream. Purchasing two car a horrible dream for many.

    I accept the solution given by Govt but there are few questions :

  1.  How friends will reach at work place on alternate days.
  2.  Can metro or bus service can handle the rush, when there is no car on road ?
  3.  What if friend lost his private job because he can't reach office on time ?
  4.  How Arvind Kejriwal & Leaders will go to CM Office on alternate days ?
  5.  Why I would purchase car when more then 15 days I have to keep locked ?
  6.  What will happen with Auto Business in Delhi ?
  7.  What will happen to Banking when there is no scope for Car Loan ?
  8.  What will happen to thousands of Showrooms & workers ?

    Personally I feel the decision by Delhi Govt  may not change anything soon but in long term it going to destroy the business as well as employment.

Gursharn Singh