Tuesday, 15 December 2015


    Men's HUB is one of the magazine which we (couple of volunteers) are planing to launch. It is our good luck that finally, it is coming on 1 Jan 2016. The effort is independent effort by volunteers, which get support by few other NGO including DAMAN.

    The previous launch date International Men's Day 19 Nov 2015 was postponed because of some misshaping. Still the continuous effort by volunteers make it possible to fix the date of 1 Jan 2016, rest hope for the best.

    Question is why we need MEN'S HUB ?

    I can't tell others but what i think is, MEN'S HUB is not for professional writers, its 'my voice' a common men's voice. As a common men i find it difficult to get space in leading media or news paper or magazine because I am not professional, because I can't write what a professional can write. But What i feel about day to day life is unique, and we try to give that feeling a word with Men's HUB.

    Although we will publish anything by a non-professional writer, even if someone wanted to say thank you to someone , we will consider that too. Still here are the few areas we will focus.

  1.  Men's Issue
  2.  Problem a Men Face is daily life
  3.  Any story, article, kavita having message.
  4.  Any artifact, capture, cartoon, .. .... with some message.
  5.   True inspirational stories from daily life.
  6.   True feelings
  9.  etc.

    Issue 001 is ready to publish, still if anyone wish to give material they are most welcome, we will consider in Issue 001, if not possible we will consider for Issue 002.

    How to submit ?

    Right now we receive articles on email id MHUB@DAMAN4MEN.IN in future we will open portal for receiving articles.

Gursharn Singh