Saturday, 28 May 2016


    A couple of week back when I was forcibly send for mediation, and I tried me best to fail it, and it failed. Right after that I get notice from LOK-ADALAT to appear. I tried not to appear, but something (a nice judgment) forced me to visit court as soon as possible. Finally I decided to visit court on for the order as well as LOKADALAT (probably my biggest mistake).
    What I discovered there is, the head of Lok-Adalat was the same judge whose order forced me to visit. Of-course I was having respect (may be small but yes I was having), which forced me to stay silent there, at-least not to be aggressive.
    Finally there are few question, I decided to collect here. The second one is : WHY LOKADALAT ALWAYS TRY TO BLACKMAIL ?

    Yes Lokadalat asked me to compromise by paying, otherwise the maintenance will be rise by an amount which I can't afford. I didn't replied but thinking :

  • One Lawyer who was root behing legal blackmailing is already dead without success.
  • A fight of 6 year long could not fail me, then what has changed now ?
  • In case maintenance rise, whose loss it will be ? From past 5 year after my expenditure whatever left I am donating for kids education. More the 20 kids getting education, now a magistrate wanted to feed a well educated, young and working lady, who is loosing i feel those 20+ kids. A big loss but can't be a reason for me to bow.
  • Mafia  also blackmail, so what if i choose Mafia over Courts ?

Gursharn Singh