Monday, 1 August 2016


   MUST BURN U.P. - Strange demands ?

    Don't worry I am not demanding this. Then who ?

    Just coming back from canteen, when I was in queue, hear this demand. One well educated person was demanding let burn U.P. and we will get new U.P.. Question is WHY ?

    The demand rise because of High-Way robbery in U.P. Such robbery is common in India, and it should be, after all we are living in a age where crime can't be 0% (ram-rajya).

    Then what is special about this robbery, personally I feel nothing except we born to be HARD CORE FEMINIST or society making us FEMINIST. Only thing is during the robbery two women were raped, an act by criminals. But because we are slave to be feminist so we never understand the difference in crime and crime toward specific gender. When and wherever a women involved we find our moral duty to punish every single men on EARTH. In this case entire U.P. need to be burn because two women involved. I hope the men who demanded he will start from his home father, brothers, son and so on.

Feeling SHAMEFUL to be a part of such society.
I Demand a separate society for MEN like ME.

Gursharn Singh