Saturday, 27 August 2016


    Just a few week back when I was traveling from Delhi to Vizag, next to me was a couple with a kid of may be 1 year or 2 year old.

    So what ?

    Normally I never care who is next to me because I travel with books, but the kid was too much irritating and it was next to impossible to focus on book so I focused on kid. Sweet kid.

    Although there is nothing special to mention but what I wanted to share is who was playing the role of care taker. Yes the men, the father was solo care taker, the lady was just eating, eating and more eating. Even if i push my mind beyond every boundary still I can't remember when the lady did some thing for the kid. Even on airport too, when we were waiting for boarding men was playing care taker. I am not saying the lady was cruel or ignorant toward kid, I just wanted to say men was solo care taker during journey.

    One can say it one incident.
    One can say it was just couple of hours.
    One can say it may not happen inside house.

    Yes I agree this is small incident. Yes it was during journey. But I have lot of example. I have seen almost every friend saying "FEELING SLEEPY". why ? Because of kid. But I never see a friend (male) who saying kid was weeping and he was sleeping without caring. No-one from my friend circle told me kid is responsibility of Mother (solo).

    MOTHER IS SOLO CARE TAKER OF KID. Yes this is new stand of Modi Govt.

    One can say not Modi but NCW. I would say NCW is allowed to do anything by Modi Govt only. Mr. Modi can do a lot of good change but he can’t deny his responsibility from such stand.

    So for all Indian men what I can suggest is :
  • When you kid need you please call his mother, because Govt want this.
  • When kid need to change cloths, remember govt had given this responsibility to Mother.
  • When kid want to play with you, please call his mother.
  • When kid ....
  • When kid ....
  • When kid ....
    What do you think I am joking ?

    No this is new face of #IndianFather Accepting of Rejecting  please choose as per your convenience.

    Yes choice is yours, you can take extra burden on you, but never forget "YOU ARE JUST ATM JUST ATM"

    There are "emotional side" too for this stand, but as I am not too much emotional, I won't talk about that.

Gursharn Singh