Friday, 19 August 2016


    Every Close friend of mine know, I don't believe in the theory behind #RakshaBandan, still this year Raksha Bandan was special. Why ?

    This year the day of Rakhi was not even in mind. Last entire week, I was busy in National meet in Hydrabad and then with friends like Anupam Dubey, Bahadur Singh and Jitendra. I get free time on morning of raksha bandan, when friends left by train. Then i get time for WhatsAPP.

    On whatsAPP i get message "HAPPY RAKSHA BANDAN" from a colleague. From past two years she binds rakhi to me, although how and when I came into picture I don't know. Last year she get transfered to other place so I was not expecting but as soon as I entered office, I get a rakhi in a box. It was not only a surprise but alsa a reminder of rakhi too.

    Pats 6 or 7 days were very special days for me because of National meet and also because of presence of friends around me.