Saturday, 20 August 2016

I #SayNo2Silver


    Yes I am talking about silver medal in Olympic. Its proud moment for India that an Indian won silver medal. Still I wanted to say no. Why ?

    Early Morning when i wake-up i find the news of silver medal, I was happy, yes I was happy. Soon the happy moment turn into a moment of shame for me. Not even for me but for entire #Male population of #India. Why ?

Let us see what #India is telling about #Male community after winning #Silver.

----- 50 % Population of India is Killer, Truth is as per AIIMS 46 % female & 48 % male forticide -----

रियो ऑलिम्पिक
* पी.वी सिंधु 🇮🇳ऑलिम्पिक रजत पदक जीतनेवाली प्रथम भारतीय महिला है।
* हार्दिक अभिनंदन।*
भारत को एक बार फिर एक बेटी ने गौरवान्वित किया।
एक सन्देश ...
करते रहे गुनाह हम, केवल *बेटे के शौक में*....
कितने मेडल मार दिए, *जीते जी ही कोख में*....
☝☝☝☝👲👲👲----- Another on -----

"For the Indian girls at Rio...
They defeated the ultrasound that declared 'it' was a 'she'.
They defeated the nurse declaring in a sombre tone 'ladki hai'.
They defeated murderous parents or even worse those who keep them alive but kill their spirit every single day.
They defeated the odds against them for parents "allowing" her to chase her dream.
They defeated the family pride that wants every Indian child to be a doctor or engineer.
They defeated the school teacher who said "it's not a girl's game".
They defeated bad sports infrastructure and even lack of healthy food needed to fuel the fire.
They defeated a system where overweight foreign travelling officials, who have only played Ludo as a sports, decide her fate.
They defeated the Dada-Nana who told her "good girls don't wear short clothes".
They defeated the Dadi-Nani who told her not to play in sun and become "kaali-kaluti."
They defeated friends who told her she needs to "control aggression and chill."
They defeated the pados waali Aunty ji who wondered "akele kahan-kahan ghumti hai aapki ladki."
They defeated the million eyes staring at her legs and not noticing the brilliant game she played.
They defeated the Bua jee and Mausi jee who ask "tum shadi kab karogi."
They defeated the journalist who asked her when she would "settle".
They defeated the cynics who thought they were pouting and clicking selfies on a fully paid foreign trip..
So dare not take even a slice of her glory by calling her HUMARI BETI!
They have achieved what they have not because of us. But despite us!"..-----

Enjoy the moment with a shame to be #Killer, I just #SayNo2Silver 

Gursharn Singh