Saturday, 16 May 2015


Railway and Passenger Validation

I travelled from city X to city Y on date D from time T1 to T2. After a couple of month because of some reason I need to prove that on date D from time T1 to T2 i was travelling in railway.

How can I do that ?

Producing railway ticket, can prove that I planed to travel on date D. But if I
really traveled or not that can be confirmed by railway only. Also if the ticket
was booked on counter (I Ticket) i has on list of passengers without name, so again I need to get validation from railway.

How can I do that ?

What I should ask from Railway ?

Here is my experience :-

Start from the time difference between date of journey and date of validation

Less then 6 month :: If i need validation before 6 month in that case
I can demand

    (1) Copy of Chart Prepared before starting journey
    (2) Copy of reservation form filled at railway counter
    (3) Any other relevant information.

More then 6 month :: Once a time period of 6 month passed Railway destroy reservation form and Chart prepared for journey both.

Does that mean railway can't confirm journey or passengers ?

Yes they can, most valuable information still stored in digital format, so
railway may not be able to provide copies ... but still they can validate relevant information regarding journey.

Can I get such information by RTI ?


Railway has different procedure to get such information. Once I applied RTI for such information railway going to reply regarding the procedure. TO get validated any information regarding journey, I need to pay an amount of 750 rs (It may be different now) in form of DD payable at "PAY & ACCOUNT OFFICER RAILWAY BOARD, NEW DELHI" for one PNR confirmation and send this Draft to Dy. CCM/C&CPIO, NORTHERN Railway, Baroda House, New Delhi. Now the address can change as per the Zone related to journey.

Gursharn Singh