Sunday, 3 May 2015


    I Live in a flat at first floor. Every day morning sharp 8.30 when I come down for office, there I see a group of 5 DOGS. Everyday does not matter if raining or a dry day.

    Every dog welcome in his unique style. But the black one is special. He neither try to come close nor try to show love, but just wait little far from rest four.

    One can think these 5 dogs wait for me because I give them something to eat, yes its true I keep reserve stock of biscuits in my car for these Dogs. But they wait for me and biscuits are just a reward, I am sure of this because in evening also all 5 wait for me.

    Why I am discussing about dogs here. Today its Sunday and I was having free time so I just watch them. What I observe is FEAR. The special black dog is feared of rest four. Black one also eat a couple of biscuits in return rest four dogs fight.

    These 5 dogs really represent us, we the men. We stay together till we don't see our own benefit. Once we get something we are ready to fight with close ones. Why ?

    Can't we think just like black dog ? what if we are week ? What if our friend throw us ? What if we stay alone to fight with close ones ?

  Can't we simple ignore our own Fight to fight with #Feminism ? Remember its Important. Let us stand together and tell the #World we are back in Fight.

Gursharn Singh