Thursday, 3 September 2015


    Today after lunch when we were waiting ... ... or may be just passing time a question rise ... . .. . A Reputed Singer (Honey Singh) why he sing songs which may be classified as VULGAR.

    I don't know who really can decide if his songs are Vulgar or Decent ? But I thing there is no such thing which is vulgar, its just what my mind reply. Anything can have adult content for me at the same time it can be nothing just normal. A top less women can be adult or same time it can be artistic. I am not saying anything about shirtless MEN ... because no-one care about men.

    And my mind reply what society teach me from the first day, I born. Two different kids, grow in two different society, one grow in slum and he use a language which looks like abusive, and second kid grow in upperclass / middelclass he even feel shamed when try to use same language. Language or word used are same but one feel proud, while second feel guilty. Who will decide who is right ?

    There is fair argument that kids also listen songs. Is this really a fair argument ? Today we live in virtual world where every type of content available. A kid can read or listen that is not the matter what Honey Singh or anyone provide, but its matter of how parents filter the content. Unfortunately the filtering is not to provide a balanced growth to kid, but it is to trained the kid so that he can learn to feed them when they are old, to protect members of house, specially women.

    Why Honey Singh should not sing, which may be vulgar or adult ? He is a singer. He provide entertainment for all, then why not for adult, adult also like him, they have every right to get suitable content from him ?

    Most of such discussing finally come at the point where one says "WHAT YOU WILL THINK OR DO IF SOMEONE USE ABUSIVE LANGUAGE FOR YOUR SISTER/MOTHER".

    This always happen, today was not different. But this single statement clear each and everything. Society need soldiers to protect (specially women). Such blind soldier can be prepared only with a trained mind, just trained to do the things without even knowing what they are doing. Society don't allow us to grow freely, but we are trained to protect just protect just like SLAVE just SLAVE. And that is what we do .. .... .. .every thing or discussion finish at  what if this happen to WOMEN AT YOUR HOME .. .. . .. .. . I don't know when MEN will understand he is on EARTH to live not to protect WOMEN or to feed them.

    Half of the world is SLAVE to rest HALF.

Gursharn Singh